IVF for Lesbian Couples

IVF for Lesbian Couples

EmBIO Medical Center’s high success rates in fertility treatments, coupled with Greece’s progressive patient-friendly legislation, make it possible for same-sex female couples to get pregnant using IVF in Greece.

EmBIO has a long-standing history in Greece of successfully meeting the reproductive needs of same-sex female couples and lesbian communities with compassionate, patient-centered care. We believe parenthood is a gift EVERYONE should be able to enjoy. Our mission is to ensure each patient receives exceptional individualized care during their assisted reproductive treatments to conceive and deliver healthy babies.

For nearly 20 years, EmBIO has provided patients with a highly successful donor egg program with IVF success rates reaching 70% for donor egg patients. Our specialized experience and breakthrough technologies have helped more than 15,000 babies be conceived and thousands of patients become parents from around the world.

IVF options for lesbian couples

EmBIO’s fertility staff are specialized and experienced in all methods of IVF treatment, giving us an advantage in treatment success compared to other fertility clinics. Women, like you, in same-sex relationships can fulfill their lifetime dream of becoming mothers at EmBIO by using your own eggs, donor eggs, donor sperm IVF, donor sperm insemination, our gestational carrier services or a specialized treatment solution. If neither of you is able nor choose to use their own eggs, the EmBIO Donor Egg and Sperm IVF Program makes it easier for single women to have a baby of their own. Read our patients' egg donation success stories.

If neither of you is able nor choose to use their own eggs, the EmBIO Donor Egg and Sperm IVF Program makes it easier for single women to have a baby of their own. Read our patients' egg donation success stories.

Our program offers the largest selection of approximately 170 thoroughly screened and tested egg donors in Greece. We have performed many treatments using donated sperm from Cryos International, a safe Danish sperm bank that provides many donors at any given time. Our highly trained donor coordinators will help you find a match meeting your unique requirements from a diverse selection of young, healthy, high-quality donors who would love to share their gift of life with you.

You can start a treatment cycle now with no waiting lists in Greece. All egg and sperm donors are anonymous and identities are kept strictly confidential. You make the final decision on which donor you want to be part of your treatment.

Most importantly, our affordable advanced fertility treatments using donor eggs are much more likely to help same-sex female couples achieve success to start a family. Donor egg rates are much higher at 70% than IVF cycles using a woman’s own eggs.

With donor egg IVF, one or both of the female partners can enjoy the same wonderful experience of pregnancy by carrying and nurturing the baby in her own womb. This allows for strong biological and developmental relationships within your family.

IVF also allows you to freeze embryos for future pregnancies and offers higher success rates for older women, as only the best eggs produced are selected for fertilization.

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Family building

As in other relationships, you will experience the same concerns of building a family. At your initial EmBIO IVF consultation (in person or via phone) you can discuss them with your physician and other members of your personalized fertility team. We will begin to develop a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan for you.

Our successful IVF treatments are helping many same-sex female couples embrace their fertility and maternal desire to be mothers.

After conception, we will monitor your pregnancy progress through ultrasound scans transmitted in strict confidentiality by our associates all over Greece or your obstetrician/gynecologist back home.

We want a baby!

Now, with the highest success rates guaranteed by EmBIO's medical and scientific team, the choice to have a child is practically yours.

To receive a FREE consultation, please fill out this contact form, and Dr. Thanos Paraschos will personally contact you within the next 24 hours to answer all your questions on how together you can conceive your child.

Watch our videos to see how things have turned out for patients who have entrusted us with their most precious dream of motherhood.

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