IVF Success Rates EMBIO

IVF Success Rates

Particularly for women attempting IVF with donor eggs under Dr. Thanos Paraschos' guidance, the EmBIO IVF Center in Athens boasts one of the greatest success rates in Europe. Thanos Paraschos and EmBIO are now well-known in Greece and around the world thanks to these success rates and the plethora of important medical publications he has authored.

Artificial Insemination

artificial insemination success rates

*Pregnancy rate after three cycles

In Vitro Fertilisation

success rates of ivf in embio greece

* after three cycles with or without frozen embryos

Egg Donation

success rates with egg donation in embio greece

* after three cycles with or without frozen embryos


success rates with preimplantation genetic testing pgd

* Average pregnancy rate after PGD test

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination has a high success rate at Embio: 42% with your partner's sperm (average rate after three attempts), or 57% with donor sperm.

IUI success rate with partner’s sperm

With your partner’s sperm

IUI success rate with donor sperm

With donor sperm

In Vitro Fertilisation

The more IVF attempts you undergo, the greater your chances of becoming pregnant. IVF with your own eggs has a success rate of 67 % on the first attempt, 84 % on the second attempt, and 92 % on the third attempt at Embio Fertility Center.

success rate

*Pregnancy rate with 1st IVF cycle

diagram success rate for ivf with icsi

*Pregnancy rate after 3 IVF cycles

Age is a very important factor that affects the success rate of fertility treatments. At Embio, we tailor hormonal stimulation to the needs of each individual patient and select the best embryos using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and the vast experience of our embryologists.

success rates for ivf in embio greece

Cumulative pregnancy rate refers to the pregnancy rate after transfer of all embryos produced in a cycle, regardless of whether they were used immediately after development in the embryology laboratory or in a subsequent cycle as frozen embryos

Egg Donation

If IVF with donor eggs is recommended in your case, then the chances of achieving pregnancy on the first attempt are 78.2%, rising to 96.3% on the second attempt, and to an extremely high pregnancy rate of 98.5% on the third attempt.

success rates for egg donation in embio ivf in greece
success rates for egg donation

Preimplantation Genetic Testing

Pre-implantation genetic testing allows us to select the best embryos, free of DNA abnormalities and genetic diseases. IVF with PGD-selected embryos raises success rates and lowers miscarriage risk significantly.

success rates for pgd in embio greece

* Cumulative pregnancy rate for IVF cycles using PGD-tested embryos

IVF with Single Embryo Transfer

At Embio, our top priority is the well-being and health of mother and baby. In many cases, this means transferring a single fetus to eliminate the possibility of twin or triplet pregnancies and avoid potential complications for both the mother and the newborn.

success rates for single embryo transfer in embio ivf center in athens
success rates for single embryo transfer in embio ivf center in athens

IVF with cryopreserved embryos

IVF is sometimes performed with frozen embryos and the success rate, in this case, is almost 60%.

success rates for ivf with frozen embryos in embio ivf center in athens

* Cumulative pregnancy rate for IVF with frozen embryos

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