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Perfect Match EmBIO

For those of you who are to use eggs from a donor, with or without a donor’s sperm, and want your child to resemble you as much as possible or have some specific characteristics such as height, blue eyes, athletic figure, etc. in mind, EmBIO Fertility Centre offers you the "Perfect Match EmBIO".

What exactly is Perfect Match EmBIO?

An innovative method that with the aid of artificial intelligence, searches every donor for your own, or the desired characteristics in every donor we have in our database.

In this way, we can achieve the perfect match of female donor/male donor and mother/father.

Which features can we look for and find a match?

  • all external characteristics: nationality, height, body type, the color of eyes, hair, skin
  • facial characteristics (matching biometric features)
  • blood type

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Genetic Testing of Female Donors or Male Donors

It is important for every parent to rule out, as much as possible, any risk of their baby being born with a defect in their DNA that could lead to the development of a disease.

For this reason, we test the DNA of each and every donor to rule out any existence of genes that can cause over 500 different genetic disorders.

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Can you match the donor’s character too?

A fair and very important question! You can look for donors who are optimistic, determined, dynamic, artistic, perceptive, humorous, social, and sensitive.

However, remember that the character, or rather the personality of a child, is shaped to a very large extent by the interaction with his environment. The child you give birth to will be influenced by your own DNA inside the womb and some innate characteristics will be accentuated to resemble yours (epigenetics).

Furthermore, the child is raised by you, which is sure to affect his personality as the child will imitate your gestures, reactions, habits, and behavior.

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Will the child look like me?

If you’re worried about whether your child born via IVF and donor eggs will look like you, rest assured that you will not only be amazed by the similarities that you will notice from the very start thanks to EmBIO Perfect Match, but also by what will emerge later as a result of raising the child based on your own principles.

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