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IVF Success Stories

We would like to share some inspirational true stories of just some of our IVF patients that struggled to reach success and with whom we have had the advantage to be both of service and encourage right from the beginning to the very end of their journey. Our patients are regular people, no different from you and us, who decided to opt for a different kind of IVF experience by combining travel and medical assistance in order to realize their dream: to start a family. 

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Thank you to all the staff, you are fantastic

Good day, we are a Sicilian couple. We are 43 years old and for about 6 years we had the desire for a child ... after several attempts in Sicily did not go well we have relied on the center Embio medical center where we immediately had a good impression.

We relied on Elena the coordinator of the center that worked with great attention and availability. At the first interview we met Dr. Paraschos also very helpful and very professional. After having done the treatment, finally our dream came true now we are waiting for a baby

Thank you to all the staff you are fantastic ... this experience has made us realize that just find the right people.... we wish that other couples can realize their dream for a child too.


parents of a wonderful baby girl

Good evening dear  Elena!

We wish you all the best, happiness, good heath and success in everything you do, for the new year 2020!!

Please kindly accept these greetings for Dr Paraschos, as well!

We are so so grateful to you, both, as well, to the embio clinic, for all your hard work and for the miracle from our life!

We are now the parents of a wonderful baby girl, little Zoe Elena, she is healthy and arrived around Christmas time! The perfect Christmas gift ever! I ll send few photos with zoe in this email. 

I hope that you are doing well, and everything is great in your personal and professional life! 

Lots and lots of  thanks again! 

baby girl


baby girl


baby girl


IVF baby girl in car

Best wishes

B + D

Our dream come true

Hello from Germany.

I would like to thank Dr. Paraschos for the excellent work and help he provides to all those who want to become parents, for the fulfillment of the greatest gift he can give to a couple. The life of a little person.

Our dream came true in December 2021, when we gave birth to a little boy with whom we wake up every day with his smile. We rejoice every moment we are with him and watch him grow. 

We will never forget Anna whom from the first moment she contacted us, with her impeccable organisation, her hospitality and excellent level of service prior to arriving Greece and also during our stay in Athens. She was always available when we needed our concerns answered.  She answered all our questions any time of the day or night. She never made us feel we were a burden but made us feel important and valued. With Anna and her impeccable customer care, everything was easy and understandable.  She gave us the confidence, patience and clarity, which was important for our journey.  

It has been a pleasure having Dr Paraschos as our excellent IVF specialist - the biggest THANK YOU to him, his impeccable assistant Anna and the emBio-Team. Every time we look at our little man, we will always thank emBio for making this happen. 

Dimitris and Leah

Egg donation twins with Dr. Paraschos

Dear Dr. Paraschos and dear Anna,
We would like to thank you two from the bottom of our heart.

Our loving doctor with a big heart! There aren't enough words to describe how Dr. THANOS PARASCHOS is. So dear emBIO teams and very special Dr. THANOS PARASCHOS Thank you, finally, after 3 attempts with Eggdonation our greatest dream has come true. It is hard to put into words how grateful we are. We are so happy to announce you that we have twins❤️❤️

And what can we say, it was one of the best decisions we could ever have made. We never lost the trust in you, and dear Anna, you were next to us every moment and you was the one which insisted us to believe in Dr. Paraschos, the greatest IVF Specialist ever! Thank you so much for everything!!

We have never met such a nice, loving and kind-hearted doctor. We felt we were in good hands at all times. Just a big thank you to such a great doctor. Dear absolutely perfectly organised Anna we don't have the words to thank you without you from the beginning to the end, we would never have made it through without you you are the best assistant that Dr. THANOS PARASCHOS has you remain as the best assistant in our hearts.

We thank you for your patience and your efforts. We love you!

J & A

Persevere and not lose hope

Please do not lose hope of ever falling pregnant and having a healthy child.

After years of failed attempts to get pregnant, my husband and I learned that I did not have viable eggs. We came to EMBIO downhearted, thinking we would be lucky to have a child at all, even with donor eggs. I also discounted the chance of falling pregnant soon as most people went through a number of rounds of a lot of time and money.

Imagine our shock when we fell pregnant on our first round and that we also carried twins. I could not stop crying tears of joy for months. Our friends and relatives shared our shock and joy as they had given up on us too. 

Now our boys are thriving and I am finally fulfilled. How did we get there? Here are a few tips: I found that Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture (specialising in reproduction) brought fantastic results. It is used over a number of months prior to implantation and afterwards. Men can also improve their sperm quality etc.

An extra number of embryos implanted increase your chance of success, but also increases you chance of multiple pregnancy and the associated risks. My husband and I arrived at EMBIO with little idea of the IVF process. Thankfully, the staff at EMBIO were supportive, answered questions and guided us through each stage.

Dr Paraschos is also very well qualified as a physician and has a very good success rate. Without EMBIO we would not be where we are now. We are very grateful to Dr Paraschos and his capable team. We now have smiling family photos in our home.

Please remember to persevere and not lose hope.

Mary and Alan H

You are simple the BEST

Our dear doctor Mr. Paraschos,

we write to personally to thank you. The last 14 days were full of excitement, anticipation and of course many visits from friends and relatives. Thanks to you we became happy parents of a healthy, sweet daughter whom we named Zoe Fiona.

On May 14, 2021 at 2:22 p.m. our daughter was born by caesarean section. She weighed 2,600 grams and was 49 cm. Zoe is growing well.

Despite the corona situation, they allowed my husband to be present at the birth. I can't believe we can finally hold our daughter in our arms. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this gift... Zoe.

We would also like to thank Anna. You really have a skilled and lovable employee in your clinic. Thanks to her proper coordination and her lovable care in Greece and in Germany, she convinced us and we decided for your clinic. We did everything right with you and we did not give up hope, and we received the greatest happiness in the world.

Rest assured we will recommend your clinic to many others because you are simply the best. After 7 failed attempts in other clinics, we came to you and with the first attempt with eggdonation we got pregnant.

Next year we would like to have vacation in Greece and we really hope to show you our little Zoe Fiona.

Thank you very much to all of you! We hope to see you again soon.

Yours sincerely,
Göttiger family from Germany

Familie Göttiger

The miracle has happened

Dearest Dr Paraschos and Thalia, 

I am lost for words, it's surreal am looking touching the baby and still in shock. All went perfectly with cesarean at 2;20 pm yesterday Tou Agiou Fanouriou !

Name: E...- O... , the 2 grandmother names ! But as you know I LOVE ancient GR History. Weight 3.5

And my operation went perfectly, its the second day and I can't feel any pain, healing very quickly. I am lost for words to thank-you... don't know what to say !!! Apo ta vathi tis psihis mou Dr Paraschos I thank-you for changing my life O theos na sou thini thinami na sinehizis to iero ergo sou !!!! Wish you were here and esp at the birth.......you were in my prayers thanking you as beba came out !!! Cant wait to the epidemic to finish so you can BOTH have honor and hold her as you deserve the success of this story. Will send photos soon.

Kindest regards M... and E... - O... xoxoxoxoxoxo


Proud mother of three children thanks to the Embio clinic

Good evening dear Elena and dr Paraschos,

I am very glad to be able to tell you that feb 18th I gave birth to a beautiful son and daughter. They are healthy and gorgeous.

twin babies boy and girl

So I am now the proud mother of three children all thanks to the Embio clinic, dr Paraschos and you in particular. I am really greatfull that the embio clinic made that possible.  I am very pleased with the results but also with the way I was treated at the clinic by you and dr Paraschos. You were both very kind and I am glad I got to meet you both.

Kind regards


best ivf unit

I had the best experience ever . I went to Embio clinic in January 2020 for tests from the Uk . I then went again in February 2020 to start the ivf process and I decided to stay in Athens. I stayed from start to finish .

I had all my regular scans and checks with Dr Parachos . I was given a dedicated ivf coordinater Anna who gave me her whole time throughout the process . From the first time I emailed the clinic not knowing anything about ivf and then being suggested IVF and ICSI together would be more beneficial, I trusted my dr and coordinater and today I am 8 weeks pregnant.

I have been trying for 5 years and NHS hospitals in the Uk said there was nothing wrong and they refused to treat me due to my weight . But Dr and Anna said to me I will leave the clinic with a baby and it’s so true .

The best decision was to stay in Greece from day 1 until few days after embryo transfer . I used my own eggs and my husband came with me and had his tests on the second trip . On the egg retrieval day he gave his sperm and we had a 3 day transfer . Every single day we was updated with my progress with blood tests and scans to monitor the progress. Anna my lovely coordinater was avalaible day and night . She was the one who made be believe I must remain positive and this will work . Even when I came back to the Uk my medication finished and she arranged to have it delivered to me from Greece .

My whole experience in Greece was amazing . Never in my dreams did I believe I would become pregnant in the first attempt. Even after coming back to the Uk every day my coordinater is in touch with me and monitoring my progress with blood tests and scans which I have in the Uk. This clinic is amazing . The staff are amazing . If you haven’t tried Embio medical centre you must try it . The whole experience is too good to be true . The staff are so helpful they reassure you and make the whole process so easy for you . I will definitely be back next year for my second baby . Anna and Dr Prachos and the whole team was amazing .

Anisah Z.
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