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I'm finally holding my healthy baby boy

At the age of 31, I found out that I couldn't get pregnant with my own eggs due to a genetic condition called Turner syndrome. When I received this news, it felt like my world had shattered. However, I was fortunate enough to have a solution available: using donated eggs. Initially, it was difficult for me to accept this option, but after a few weeks of contemplation, I decided that my desire to have children was more important than my initial reservations about using someone else's eggs.

I started to look for egg donation, but in England, it's very complicated and a very long process to go through. I was not getting younger and time was precious; I wanted nothing more than becoming pregnant one day--I had dreamed about being a mom since childhood! 

A couple of months later I unexpectedly bumped into an old friend and she told me about the Embio clinic in Athens. They have a large database of egg donors, making it easy for us to find one compatible with our characteristics.

As soon as we spoke over the phone, they arranged my visit to Athens, where everything went smoothly from there on, including being able to choose between different donor profiles beforehand! 

It's been 10 months since then, and now I'm finally holding my healthy baby boy who is just perfect in every way imaginable thanks to these wonderful people.

Thank you Dr Paraschos!

baby boy  birthday balloons
baby boy sitting


baby boy sleeping
Ella J.

A journey beyond expectations

Have you ever dreamt of cradling your precious newborn, filled with overwhelming love and joy? But the financial burden of fertility treatments in England has left you feeling disheartened? Let me share with you my extraordinary journey to motherhood, one that began with a leap of faith and led me to the warm embrace of EMBIO Fertility Clinic in Greece. 

I'm Traci, a single 38-year-old woman and children's book author. I love children and have always longed to be a mother. This is the story of how I found hope, love, and a family, all thanks to the world-class professionals at EMBIO.

From the moment I reached out to EMBIO, their compassionate care enveloped me like a warm hug. Within 24 hours of sending an email, I was greeted with a heartfelt response and a reassuring phone call, igniting the spark of hope within me. As I embarked on this incredible journey, traveling alone to Greece without the support of loved ones, I felt an unwavering sense of trust in the capable hands of EMBIO's doctors.

In the comforting presence of Dr. Thanos and his team, I transformed from a fearful, uncertain woman to an expectant mother, filled with dreams of a brighter future. Their devotion and support remained steadfast as they guided me through every step of my fertility journey. And now, back in Manchester, I am overjoyed to share that I am pregnant with twin miracles, all thanks to my very first IVF attempt.

ultrasound of twin pregnancy

Imagine my delight when I realized that I had not just found an exceptional fertility expert but had also gained a loving family. Even from thousands of miles away, my coordinator, Konstantinos, continues to shower me with invaluable guidance and support, standing by my side like a trusted brother. 

If your heart aches for a child, let EMBIO Fertility Clinic light the way. In their care, you will find a safe haven where dreams come true and miracles are nurtured. You will feel loved, valued, and cherished, as they guide you towards the miracle of life with their exceptional expertise and unwavering support.

EMBIO Fertility Clinic is more than just a world-class medical facility; it's a sanctuary of hope and love where dreams of parenthood come to life. Let go of your fears and uncertainties, and embrace the possibility of a brighter future filled with the laughter and love of your precious little ones.

In closing, I would like to extend my warmest gratitude to Dr. Thanos Paraschos and the entire EmBIO team, especially the lovely ladies at reception who always greet patients with a warm smile and an eagerness to help in any way possible. Your collective efforts have truly made a difference. Thank you for your kindness, your expertise, and for making my fertility journey a remarkable experience filled with hope, love, and joy.



Transforming doubt into hope at EmBIO Fertility Clinic

Dear Dr. Paraschos,

I am writing this message to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your entire team for the exceptional care and supervision I received.

Admittedly, I was a little skeptical at first and may not have fully understood everything initially. However, by my second visit, I felt incredibly safe and comfortable with the process.

Being in a unique situation compared to most women who visit your clinic, I was on the verge of giving up after our first IVF attempt. Even my husband, considering that we already have four wonderful children, felt that we should not try again. I must admit that I felt discouraged both before and after the first transfer for various reasons, the main one being that I looked around at all the other women and questioned my presence there. I don't know exactly why these thoughts crossed my mind, maybe it was the influence of the hormones.

I am sharing all of this with you for a reason. As I mentioned earlier, after a positive and then a negative blood test after the first transfer, I was hopeless, like all women who undergo this procedure. I was ready to give up on my dream of having another baby. However, at the end of my narrow, dark tunnel was a ray of hope, and that light was Anna, my IVF coordinator. She had an unparalleled ability to hold my hand and guide me out of that tunnel. With her professionalism and most importantly, her genuine compassion, she knew exactly how to offer words of comfort after my loss and reignite my hope. Her words completely changed my perspective on trying a second time, and as a result, my husband changed his mind as well. You probably know Anna better than I could ever know her, and it is impossible for me to convey all that she has done for me in a single message. I can only say that she is, as we say in French, "la perle rare" (the rare pearl).

At this moment, as I write this message, I am still unsure if I am pregnant or not, although I maintain a high level of optimism. In my daily life, I am someone who believes in expressing my thoughts, whether they are positive or negative. Maybe I had some questions during my first visit. Therefore, I believe it is even more important to acknowledge when things are going well and when you are satisfied. So I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and your entire team, but a very special thank you to Anna, who has become more of a family member to me than just my IVF coordinator.

Hoping to share good news with you soon, I wish you all the best.
Thank you, Embio.🙏

D. K.

Double Joy at Embio with Dr. Paraschos

Words cannot express the overwhelming gratitude and joy my partner and I experienced on our extraordinary journey with Dr. Paraschos at Embio in Athens, Greece. After struggling with infertility for years, we made the life-changing decision to pursue IVF, and little did we know that our dreams would be doubled in the most beautiful way imaginable.

From the moment we stepped into the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Embio, we were met with exceptional care and professionalism. Dr. Paraschos, with his extensive expertise and compassionate approach, guided us through every step of the process, instilling confidence and reassurance during what can be an emotionally challenging time. His dedication to his patients' well-being is truly unmatched.

Embarking on the IVF journey was a rollercoaster ride, but Dr. Paraschos and his remarkable team provided unwavering support and encouragement throughout. Their attention to detail, meticulous planning, and state-of-the-art facilities left no room for doubt that we were in the hands of skilled experts. The comprehensive explanations and thorough discussions helped us understand each phase of the treatment, allowing us to make informed decisions.

Our dreams turned into reality when we were blessed with not just one, but two healthy baby boys. The positive twin outcome we achieved under Dr. Paraschos' guidance is a testament to his proficiency and the personalized care he provides. Our hearts overflow with gratitude for the miracles he helped bring into our lives.

It's worth mentioning that the entire staff at Embio contributed to our extraordinary experience. From the compassionate nurses to the friendly administrative team, everyone played a crucial role in making our time at Embio a memorable and positive one. They treated us like family, ensuring that we always felt comfortable and supported.

Moreover, the serene and welcoming environment of Embio created a sense of tranquility during what can be a stressful journey. The modern facilities, advanced equipment, and adherence to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness further solidified our trust in Dr. Paraschos and his team.

Choosing Embio and working with Dr. Paraschos was undoubtedly the best decision we ever made. Our twin boys are the greatest gift we could have ever imagined, and we are forever indebted to the expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication of Dr. Paraschos and the entire Embio team.

If you are considering IVF and searching for a compassionate, knowledgeable, and highly skilled specialist, we wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Paraschos at Embio. May your journey be as miraculous and joyous as ours, and may you find the same hope and happiness that we experienced in the beautiful city of Athens, Greece.

Thank you, Dr. Paraschos, for turning our dreams into reality and bringing immense joy into our lives. You are a true miracle worker!

With eternal gratitude,


I would give them 100 stars...

I wanted to get pregnant and living in the United States, it was too expensive; I decided to do thorough research and came across the EMBIO Fertility clinic in Athens, Greece. I had no idea what to do so I emailed the facility and, within 24 hrs received a lovely email along with a phone call. It was truly amazing and remarkable. Before I knew it, I took the plunge and traveled alone to Greece with no family or any help but decided to listen to the doctors and just do it. I am so grateful and glad I chose them because they are a wonderful and remarkable team. They are amazing! Konstantinos was fantastic; he never left my side and walked me through every step of the way till NOW.

I am back in the States and Pregnant on my first try with Multiple kids, but it is still too early to tell (possibly 4 weeks). But this message is to everyone who is scared, alone, and not sure what to expect. Trust Konstantinos and Dr Thanos, they will not let you down. They will hold your hand every step of the way. I am really thinking of going back to have my delivery in Greece because, coming back to the States, I realized that the treatment I got there was 1st Class. I got treated like a Queen, and I do not get that here in the States. Till now I cannot get my medications for my Pregnancy, and my 1st Scan is a month away.

These Doctors and Facility ARE THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I would give them 100 stars... GO TO THEM... U will not be disappointed.. Trust me! I am living proof. I had it done, and I cannot say enough good things about them. Konstantinos still calls me in the States and tells me what to do, and I trust him blindly.

Kelani Capistrano

Three siblings, all brought to life by Dr. Thanos Paraschos

At Embio, we have been receiving a steady stream of thank-you cards from happy parents all over the world. Most of these cards are from couples or individuals who had a successful IVF treatment. However, Dr. Thanos Paraschos is also an obstetrician who has brought thousands of babies into the world. This photograph is from a family whose three children were all brought to life by Dr. Paraschos.

the three children of pateritsas family

The Pateritsas couple fulfilled their lifelong dream of creating a family of five. Their journey began in 2017 and was completed in 2021 under the supervision and expertise of Dr. Paraschos. He successfully delivered all three babies with normal delivery, ensuring the safety of both the mother and the children.

Their first child, Naya, was born on May 9, 2018, followed by Giannis on April 17, 2019, and finally Stefanos on April 12, 2021. All three children were born in the spring, bringing joy and renewal to the family with each birth.

As the siblings continue to grow and thrive, we wish them a lifetime of happiness.


Our guardian angels Dr.Thanos and Anna

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Thanos Paraschos and Anna Karamitrou for their great support and humanity. Thanks to them, l became a mother at the age of 50 and gave birth to a little angel, Theodore. Wherever l turned for help, everyone told me that l had no chance. Until l read about Dr. Thanos from Athens and the emBIO clinic via Google and got it touch with him. From the first moment l felt safe and immediately decided to work with them out of body.

I succeeded from the first time thanks to their expertise. So l would sincerely recommend the emBIO clinic to everyone, because they have hope for everything. l cant wait for Theodore to grow up so we can go to Athens and visit our guardian angels Dr. Thanos and Anna, because if it weren't for them, it wouldn't be for Theodore either..

Greetings from Danijela from Belgrade


I am now in week 9

Hi everyone, I am not very good at writing however I wanted to leave my testimony regarding egg donation.

After almost 14 years of various IVF attempts both in Italy and Spain, my husband and I decided to try for the last time with egg donation. Searching on the internet we found the Embio center in Greece. I decided to send a message and the next day they called me, explained the whole procedure and asked for some tests. In about 2 months I did everything including going to Greece.

As far as I'm concerned, I had a great time, especially with the coordinator who was always available to answer all my questions, with Dr. Paraschos, whom I will never stop thanking, and with the whole Embio team. I am now in week 9 and I hope everything goes well. 


Highly recommended!


I would like to tell you about my experience... after 2 years of unsuccessful attempts in Italy (I started when I was 33 years old and had an ovarian reserve of 0.5) we decided to go for egg donation. 

The wait time in Italy was 3 months to find a donor with frozen eggs from Spain, and who knows how many other delays and tests (and money). 

So we decided to try ivf abroad ... looking online and making careful evaluations, we found the Embio clinic in Athens. It could not have been a more appropriate choice! 

After only 2 months from the first contact with them, I got pregnant! I am now in week 8, and I am crossing my fingers that everything continues to go well.... 

We highly recommend it!


3 attempts with egg donation

Dear Dr. Paraschos and dear Anna,

We would like to thank you two from the bottom of our heart.

Our loving doctor with a big heart!

There aren't enough words to describe how Dr. THANOS PARASCHOS is. So dear emBIO teams and very special Dr. THANOS PARASCHOS Thank you, finally, after 3 attempts with egg donation our greatest dream has come true. It is hard to put into words how grateful we are. We are so happy to announce you that we have twins ❤ ❤

And what can we say, it was one of the best decisions we could ever have made. We never lost the trust in you, and dear Anna, you were next to us every moment and you was the one which insisted us to believe in Dr. Paraschos, the greatest IVF Specialist ever! Thank you so much for everything!!

We have never met such a nice, loving and kind-hearted doctor. We felt we were in good hands at all times. Just a big thank you to such a great doctor.

Dear absolutely perfectly organised Anna we don't have the words to thank you without you from the beginning to the end, we would never have made it through without you you are the best assistant that Dr. THANOS PARASCHOS has you remain as the best assistant in our hearts, we thank you for your patience and your efforts

we love you

J & A
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