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I'm finally holding my healthy baby boy

I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 31 years old. It was very hard for me to hear the news, but it wasn't the hardest part of my life. The hardest part came later on when my doctor told me that because of chemotherapy and radiotherapy my eggs were not good anymore. 

I started to look for egg donation, but in England it's very complicated and a very long process to go through. I was not getting younger and time was precious; I wanted nothing more than becoming pregnant one day--I had dreamed about being a mom since childhood! When the doctors told me that there is no hope of ever producing healthy eggs again because of chemotherapy treatments, all hope seemed lost.

A couple of months later I unexpectedly bumped into an old friend and she told me about the Embio clinic in Athens. They have a large database of egg donors, making it easy for us to find one compatible with our characteristics.

As soon as we spoke over the phone, they arranged my visit to Athens, where everything went smoothly from there on, including being able to choose between different donor profiles beforehand! 

It's been 10 months since then, and now I'm finally holding my healthy baby boy who is just perfect in every way imaginable thanks to these wonderful people.

Thank you Dr Paraschos!

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Ella J.

Our guardian angels Dr.Thanos and Anna

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Thanos Paraschos and Anna Karamitrou for their great support and humanity. Thanks to them, l became a mother at the age of 50 and gave birth to a little angel, Theodore. Wherever l turned for help, everyone told me that l had no chance. Until l read about Dr. Thanos from Athens and the emBIO clinic via Google and got it touch with him. From the first moment l felt safe and immediately decided to work with them out of body.

I succeeded from the first time thanks to their expertise. So l would sincerely recommend the emBIO clinic to everyone, because they have hope for everything. l cant wait for Theodore to grow up so we can go to Athens and visit our guardian angels Dr. Thanos and Anna, because if it weren't for them, it wouldn't be for Theodore either..

Greetings from Danijela from Belgrade


I am now in week 9

Hi everyone, I am not very good at writing however I wanted to leave my testimony regarding egg donation.

After almost 14 years of various IVF attempts both in Italy and Spain, my husband and I decided to try for the last time with egg donation. Searching on the internet we found the Embio center in Greece. I decided to send a message and the next day they called me, explained the whole procedure and asked for some tests. In about 2 months I did everything including going to Greece.

As far as I'm concerned, I had a great time, especially with the coordinator who was always available to answer all my questions, with Dr. Paraschos, whom I will never stop thanking, and with the whole Embio team. I am now in week 9 and I hope everything goes well. 


Highly recommended!


I would like to tell you about my experience... after 2 years of unsuccessful attempts in Italy (I started when I was 33 years old and had an ovarian reserve of 0.5) we decided to go for egg donation. 

The wait time in Italy was 3 months to find a donor with frozen eggs from Spain, and who knows how many other delays and tests (and money). 

So we decided to try ivf abroad ... looking online and making careful evaluations, we found the Embio clinic in Athens. It could not have been a more appropriate choice! 

After only 2 months from the first contact with them, I got pregnant! I am now in week 8, and I am crossing my fingers that everything continues to go well.... 

We highly recommend it!


3 attempts with egg donation

Dear Dr. Paraschos and dear Anna,

We would like to thank you two from the bottom of our heart.

Our loving doctor with a big heart!

There aren't enough words to describe how Dr. THANOS PARASCHOS is. So dear emBIO teams and very special Dr. THANOS PARASCHOS Thank you, finally, after 3 attempts with egg donation our greatest dream has come true. It is hard to put into words how grateful we are. We are so happy to announce you that we have twins ❤ ❤

And what can we say, it was one of the best decisions we could ever have made. We never lost the trust in you, and dear Anna, you were next to us every moment and you was the one which insisted us to believe in Dr. Paraschos, the greatest IVF Specialist ever! Thank you so much for everything!!

We have never met such a nice, loving and kind-hearted doctor. We felt we were in good hands at all times. Just a big thank you to such a great doctor.

Dear absolutely perfectly organised Anna we don't have the words to thank you without you from the beginning to the end, we would never have made it through without you you are the best assistant that Dr. THANOS PARASCHOS has you remain as the best assistant in our hearts, we thank you for your patience and your efforts

we love you

J & A

the arrival of our baby daughter

Hello Elena and Dr Paraschos,

My husband and I wanted to let you know we finally announced the arrival of baby daughter safely into our lives.

She was born on 3/4/2020 at 8:10pm weighing 2.670gms and 45 cms. She is healthy and doing very well. I had a great pregnancy and natural delivery also.

My husband and I wanted to thank you both (as well as the donor) from the bottom of our hearts for all your help throughout our journey, as without you this beautiful blessing would not have been possible. A big big thank you from both of us!!! We will always be very grateful for what you helped us with.

I have attached some pictures of our beautiful daughter.

Much love,
K. and C.





Black Egg Donors are rare in France, so Embryo Donation in Greece

I’m 41 years old and I did embryo donation at EmBIO IVF clinic in Athens. We needed both donor eggs and sperm donation. My husband has azoospermia, and I had 8 IVF tries in France, sometimes with 10 eggs, other times with 7 eggs, but not of good quality. So in September 2013 I decided for egg donation.

The problem with donor egg ivf in France is that there are not enough egg donors and the demand is great. So you need to wait for 4 or 5 years. It’s more difficult for me, because I needed eggs from a black donor, which was even harder to find. The age limit for donor egg ivf is 42 in France, so when you are 38, you’re practically out of the list (38 + 4 years queue, you do the math).

At Embio Medical Centre all staff are well chosen – the nurses, the IVF coordinators, the secretaries, all were so good. I have a lot of confidence in Dr Paraschos. He is attentive, understanding, he listens, and he does things himself (the embryo transfer, the scans). This is very good. He must go on doing things himself. And he’s tender. He doesn’t hurt you with the vaginal tests, the ultrasound and the embryo transfer. During the embryo transfer you feel no pain at all! And after the embryo transfer, they let you rest as long as you need to, which also felt good.

We had 5 embryos transferred – three embryos on Wednesday, and 2 blastocysts on Friday (2 days later).



A traumatic donor egg ivf experience in Spain

I’m 50 and age is not on my side, so my eggs were no good and the suggested treatment was egg donation.

We first had an egg donation treatment two years ago in Spain, in Barcelona, at the Eugin clinic. It was completely unsuccessful, and the embryo transfer was extremely painful. There was never any mention of sedation. And it should have been. Because of the scarring, there was no way to get the catheter through. They knew all my medical history about my cone biopsy, but didn’t take it into account. I had an ectopic pregnancy a few years back, and a couple years ago, I had an abscess in my fallopian tubes. When I was having these problems with the ectopic pregnancy, I also had a cone biopsy. That left scarring, and so from then on it would be difficult to transfer any embryos.

When I saw this website and that Dr Paraschos was trained under Professor Winston in England, I thought I’d be in safe hands.

And so I went through a similar process, I said about the cone biopsy and about the extremely painful transfer that I had at the Spanish ivf clinic, and straight away, the IVF coordinator, put my mind at rest. She told me that Dr Paraschos was very experienced, that he had lots and lots of experience in embryo transfers – straightforward and more complicated ones – and he would know what sort of treatment to do.

Indeed, Dr Paraschos highlighted that there would be scarring from the cone biopsy. That’s what would have made it difficult to have a straightforward transfer. So, if you’re asking me, it was doubtful that they ever managed to transfer the 2 embryos in Barcelona. As Dr Paraschos highlighted, he couldn’t get the embryos through the scarring tissue without doing something about it.

So this morning Dr Paraschos knew that we should probably need sedation. He tried without sedation at first, but he was ready for the sedation when it proved necessary. He had to dilate the cervix os (the opening of the cervix) between 3.5-4.5 millimitres, and it was quite straightforward after that.

My endometrium was slightly less than what it should be. Ideally, it should have been between 8 and 12 millimitres, and mine was 7 milimiters. But he said that he had successful pregnancies on women who had only 5-6 millimitres before now.

So that was that, four embryos were transferred, and the IVF coordinator has just given us the final lot of medication to take away.

We stayed 5 nights in Athens.

We already have four sons from previous marriages, but we’d like to have a go and have one ourselves.

Everyone is great here at EmBIO. Dr Paraschos if very professional, very forward. The IVF coordinator, has been answering my emails straight away. I emailed, and I thought, it’s going to take a couple of days for an answer, and, before I thought about it, she answered to all my questions, day and night. Really put you at ease.


IVF at 44 in Greece - Egg donation in Spain is more expensive

Margreet: In Holland, once you turn 43 plus one day, IVF is out for you. Nobody cares. Your insurance doesn’t cover ivf for women over 43. Of course, you can do ivf or an egg donation treatment, but all the ivf cost is on you. It’s sad, because you know you have paid all your life for insurance, but when they hear you’re 44 or something, it’s goodbye ivf, let alone egg donation or embryo donation! Your hands are tied. So all you can do is look for a trustworthy ivf clinic, or better yet, an egg donation clinic, preferably abroad.

Christiaan: Egg donation in Spain is more expensive. We chose to have our ivf treatment with oocyte donation in Greece (egg donation costs are lower in Greece). EMBIO ivf clinic is more than you expect.

Margreet: Besides the fertility specialist, Thanos Paraschos, our IVF Coordinator is always there for us. I call her anytime, for whatever I need. She even sent the ivf drugs we needed to Holland, unbelievably quickly. She explained everything beautifully. Everything goes on in a very soothing way.

Christiaan: You’d never expect that high level of service in a fertility clinic in Southern Europe!

Margreet: What we need to say here is that any couple looking for egg cell donation can contact the IVF coordinator for EMBIO in Greece, or Fertility Specialist Dr Thanos Paraschos himself, and find out everything. And we can tell you through the IVF coordinator anything else you need to know about our ivf experience with egg donation in Greece at EMBIO and Dr Paraschos. There are good chances at EMBIO to get pregnant. Look at their ivf success rates. IVF at 44 is possible, you know.

Christiaan: Today, Tuesday, I gave sperm and in 2 days we’ll go through the embryo transfer here at EMBIO. And we’re going back on Sunday. We’d love to stay more in Greece, but in my line of business that’s not possible.

Margreet: If we had the chance to be here, the ultrasound tests would be free at EMBIO.

Christiaan: The last few days Margreet took extra good care of me so I wouldn’t catch a cold, as a friend had told us the quality of sperm is influenced when you have the flu. We didn’t ask Dr Paraschos, but we took all the extra care we could, to make sure everything goes well, and we have our baby!

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Margreet and Christiaan

I am going back for a second attempt with egg donation

I would like to write to say that during my treatment for egg donation, the staff at Embio were professional, caring and attentive to all our needs during what was a very stressful time. Although we were coming from the UK, we didn't know what to expect, but we were made to feel at ease and given clear instructions, both for the trip and for the process of donor egg ivf. The clinic is in an accessible area by metro and a short taxi ride in a nice part of town. Nothing was too much trouble to the staff, they make you feel at ease and all speak very good English. Although the egg donation did not work on this first round, I am definitely going to go back and try for a second attempt.

Denise Oct 2011
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