IVF Costs

IVF Costs

Successful treatment at affordable rates

Initial Fertility Consultation with Scan € 100
IVF with own eggs and sperm € 2000 
IVF OD (IVF with Egg Donation) From  € 4300 - € 4800
IVF ED (IVF with Embryo Donation) € 4800 
ICSI € 300 
FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) € 700 
Annual storage (per batch of embryos) € 400 

The joy of conceiving and giving birth to your own baby is priceless, even more so when you’re facing fertility issues. EmBIO Medical Center understands this joy comes at a price. Our remarkably high IVF success rates reaching 70% for egg donor patients adds tremendous value to our fertility treatments.

High success rates equate to lower treatment costs for you when you choose EmBIO to get pregnant. We provide affordable advanced fertility treatments and proven consistent IVF success rates.

It is better to set aside just 2,000 Euros from your family budget to conceive a child, than to pay 4,000 or more Euros for two IVF attempts at a less experienced IVF center.

The cost of our highly successful fertility treatments is a fraction of the cost in countries like the U.S., even after factoring in expenses for travel and accommodations to Athens, Greece.

We keep your treatment costs low by only charging you for the services you need, instead of all-inclusive flat rates. The cost of your IVF medication also will be computed separately according to your individual needs. At EmBIO we put you in control of your costs by providing a number of treatment options and allowing you to decide the best treatment and cost for your family.

Many women have been able to get treatment and build a family at EmBIO after having been turned away by clinics in their country because of their age. We believe every patient should experience the gift of parenthood.

Take advantage of our success rates to keep your costs as low as possible.

If you are interested in other fertility treatment costs at EmBIO, check out our IVF Prices.

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