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Pregnant with PCOS and a thyroid condition!
I got pregnant with no menstrual cycle! I had polycystic ovaries and was under birth control for six years. "Since you don’t have a period, it’s difficult for you to get pregnant and have a child," my gynecologist had said. At that time I had stopped taking…
, Greece
I preferred Greece to the Czech Republic for Egg Donation
I'm 41. I've tried in Italy. I did 3 ICSI with my own eggs and all failed, because the eggs were FEW and not good.Then we found Embio and Dr. Parashos on the internet. We also searched in the Czech Republic and Spain. My husband preferred the Czech Republic,…
, Italy
1 IVF go, one healthy little boy!
Because of my age (44), I’ve turned to embryo donation in Greece and more specifically to the clinic EmBIO Medical Center. Result: 1 try, 1 pregnancy and a beautiful little boy in perfect health. Apart from the financial aspect (admittedly significant…
, France
A BFP after my 1st IVF attempt, and triplets after the second one!
Now that my children have grown up, I am grateful to God first and then Dr Paraschos, who was amazing. He is an amazing man and an excellent doctor! On the first IVF attempt, I had my DD. Then I had a second attempt, to try and give my daughter a brother or…
, Greece
Multiple Fibroids? Laparoscopy for Hysterectomy, but Keep your Ovaries!
I had many myomas, and I was bleeding for three years. One of the fibroids was 6 cm. My gynecologist told me I had to have an open surgery. Another gynecologist told me “your uterus is big, so the operation will take about three hours. I have to cut the…
Jelena, Former Yugoslavia, Greece

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Pregnant with PCOS
Pregnant with PCOS and a thyroid condition!
Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse