IVF for LGBTQ+ in Greece


At EmBIO assisted reproduction centre in Greece, you will receive personalized counseling and top care as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Contact us to explore the ways in which you can find the best solution with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF), without exclusion and discrimination.

Our experienced fertility team will answer all your questions and walk you through the next steps to building the family of your dreams.


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How a same-sex female couple describes their IVF experience at the EmBIO Fertility Center

"When my partner and I decided we wanted to start a family and have a child together, we were completely confused as we didn't know exactly how this dream could become a reality”.
We met Dr. Paraschos in Athens, who was incredibly kind to us, and he described in great depth how we may use IVF to get from simply considering it to actually going ahead with it. He was really supportive and optimistic throughout the entire process, never doubting that we would make it.
The amazing staff at EmBIO helped us be more specific about our needs and guided us through the steps that needed to be taken.
The embryo implanted in my partner’s uterus came from her egg, fertilised with donor sperm. My partner is currently pregnant and will give birth to a baby boy. Thanks to the help of science, we will both experience the gift of motherhood. "


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30,000 babies born via IVF since 1996


97% Success Rate in selected IVF treatments

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1,270 LGBTQ+ people became parents with our help

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Reasonable prices for all infertility treatments

We support and encourage every gay, trans person, or straight couple to have their own family.

Regardless of your identity or relationship status, you will receive nothing less than high-quality care at EmBIO IVF Centre in Greece.

The fertility team and Dr. Paraschos will personally guide you to find the best fertility treatment for your own needs. With the use of donor eggs and/or donor sperm and the help of in vitro fertilization, creating a family becomes a reality for people in the LGBTQ+ community.

Simply put, we believe that starting a family is everyone's right, and we are here to support you every single step of the way, starting from your initial consultation right through to after your child is conceived.

Gay men and male couples

The leaps and bounds of assisted reproduction and the gradual modernization of legislation enable gay men and same-sex male couples to experience the joy of fatherhood by having their own biological child.

Of course, it is worth emphasising that the whole process is not so straightforward, since, in addition to egg donation, a surrogate mother must also be found in order to carry the embryo for 9 months.

Single gay women or female couples

Single gay women or couples have several alternatives available to them in order to have their own biological child or children: intrauterine insemination with donor sperm, IVF, without or with donor eggs, IVF and surrogacy.

The specifics of each case will determine the type of treatment and EmBIO's internationally renowned fertility team is on hand to discuss every detail before making the final decision.

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We have been bringing the dream of motherhood to life since 1996!

Patients from every corner of Greece and many different countries come to EmBIO Fertility Centre in Athens, known for its great success in IVF treatments and the humane approach it implements to the needs of each patient.

By constantly following developments in assisted reproduction, our team can offer you top results in any infertility problem, regardless of your age.


Choosing an egg or sperm donor

Choosing an egg or sperm donor is a critical decision that will determine your baby's genetic profile.

Therefore, it is important to consult with your fertility specialist when making these decisions, as our Centre offers the possibility to match you with an egg donor and/or sperm donor who has characteristics that match your own physical characteristics and even your personality.

To avoid the transmission of hereditary diseases, all donors have been checked through an exceptionally strict process.

Donor Eggs

Sperm Donation

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IUI ή IVF for Transsexuals

Embio has had the opportunity to offer solutions to transexual individuals who have chosen to start a family during our many years of experience in providing fertility treatments.

The appropriate solutions for transgender people are intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization, with or without donor eggs or donor sperm.

Please contact our Centre's fertility team to book a free online consultation.

Fertility preservation

For transgender people who desire to be able to have their own biological children one day, fertility preservation is a tremendously significant and empowering decision.

Freezing eggs, sperm, or embryos, are "proactive" options that should be considered by transgender individuals before proceeding with the treatments or operations required for gender reassignment, given that these have negative effects (permanent or irreversible) on the fertility of transgender individuals.

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