Trained under The Father of PGD

Trained under The Father of PGD

Dr Thanos Paraschos gained his expertise in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis working for 8 years under the Father of PGD, Lord Professor Robert Winston.

Lord Robert Winston holding a baby

Lord Winston and Alan Handyside led the IVF team at Hammersmith Hospital who invented Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.

Dr Paraschos with Lord Winston

As a Senior Registrar/Research Fellow to Lord Professor Robert Winston, Dr Paraschos was responsible for organising and implementing the PGD programme to patients at Hammersmith Hospital, where the first genetic pre-implantation diagnosis in the world was performed on an embryo.

As a Senior House Officer to Lord Robert Winston and Mr Raul Margara, Dr Paraschos trained UK and foreign obstetricians and gynaecologists from London hospitals on IVF and PGD techniques.

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