“Hello, my name is Klaudia Giese and I am a dentist. For a long time my husband and I had tried to realize our great dream of having a child in several in vitro fertilization centres, but without success. In Germany, doctors’ capabilities are limited because of the degradation of the medical system. We were really frustrated and we desperately sought a solution abroad. In 2004, Prof. Theodoropoulos advised us to go to Athens, Greece, to Dr. Paraschos’ ivf clinic. Finally, in 2006, we decided to go there.

Dr. Paraschos welcomed us, and from the first moment, we felt from the interest that he showed that he understood us. The IVF Center’s very high standards, the cordial and familiar environment, the scientific training of the team and, of course, Dr. Theodoropoulos made us immediately feel that the pregnancy test would be positive; we could not believe it. After so many failed attempts, hopes and distresses, we could feel that we were closer to realizing our dreams. During the pregnancy, I even feared that something could go wrong.

However, Dr. Paraschos who followed me throughout the pregnancy was always close to me, ready to answer my slightest doubts and to calm all my fears. Thank God, everything was fine, there were no complications and our little girl was born perfectly healthy. The feeling of holding your own child in your arms is indescribable. There are no words to describe the absolute happiness that I was feeling then. I would like to advise all couples who have not yet managed to realize their own dream of having a child not to lose hope. I recommend, without any reservations, from a personal and scientific point of view, that they contact Dr. Paraschos’ IVF center in Athens.”




, Germany

I think that by talking about my experience at Embio Clinic, I can be of assistance to those who, like me, want to realize the dream of becoming mothers!!

The choice of a clinic, in my opinion, is never an easy task and once I was well informed, I decided to go to Embio clinic in Athens. They responded to my email very promptly, providing me with all the information I had requested, and with such courtesy, Mr. Paraschos's assistant Eleni, who speaks Italian very well, explained the complete process that we would have to follow...

On November 20th, last year, my partner and I decided to give this experience a try with them and so, left for Athens. It should not go without mentioning that, besides their kindness and courtesy, it was the clinic that requested the least amount of money compared in comparison to other clinics. As I said, on November 20th, we departed and personally met with Eleni and Dr. Paraschos (he also speaks Italian well), two wonderful people!!! I have to thank them since it is to them that I owe I am now going through the ninth week of my pregnancy on my very first attempt!!

I hope my experience can help another woman too and what’s more, I felt I had to recommend them and thank them from the bottom of my heart for everything!

Wally, Italy

In search of a gynecologist-obstetrician a few years ago, fellow doctors recommended Dr Paraschos to my father-in-law, who was the general manager of the Military Hospital (ΝΜΤΣ) at the time, as the best gynecologist in Greece. Consequently, having mastered such a feat in the medical world and to enjoy its wide-ranging acceptance undoubtedly reveals, in itself, a great deal.

What I would like to emphasize, from my own personal experience of having borne three children, is the complete faith I had in him to handle the risks and complications I encountered in all three of my pregnancies. I truly believe that he helped me as, judging from the result, all actions that were taken proved to be flawless and I also honestly feel that should I have gone to another gynecologist, I probably would have lost the baby.

With him, I felt a sense of security and had all the confidence in the world that he not only knows his job extremely well, but also knows how to deal in difficult situations. The most important moments of our lives are closely linked with him and there simply are no words to express our immense gratitude.

Theodore & Teni Tegou, Greece

About a year and a half ago, without knowing you, I had to trust you for a difficult surgery and you gave nothing less than your best!

Few months later, on my first IVF attempt, I was pregnant with two little ones. And now, each and every time I look at them I think of you and I am forever grateful!

Thank you for our little miracles, Doc!!!

Eftychia & Christos, Greece

Dr Paraschos is brilliant at IVF!

I had IVF with my own eggs at Embio. This is my first try. I Googled IVF clinics in Europe, saw the profiles of all the clinics and then I chose Embio because of Dr Thanos Paraschos profile and also the IVF cost at Embio.

I was told that I could start the treatment at home, but I decided to go and do everything at the clinic. The reason was I got needlophobia and I could not inject myself. So I stayed almost 3 weeks in Athens and did everything there.

During the embryo transfer I did not feel any pain. It was like a smear test.

Dr Paraschos is brilliant! I cannot explain how good he is! Sotiria, the IVF coordinator is the best! Τhey were so nice with me. All the stuff just brilliant! They really take care of you. They respond right away. Dr Paraschos replies to you quickly for anything you want to know.

, UK

Jenny travelled to emBIO from Australia for IVF therapy with donor eggs.

Jenny tells her story:

"We’re here for donor egg ivf cause I haven’t got any more eggs. It’s seventeen years we’ve been trying to have a baby in Australia. We found Embio and Dr Paraschos and we are happy with how efficient they were in responding to our needs.

"Embio is a beautiful clinic, very supportive. Dr Paraschos was very kind and gentle and put us at ease. Elena, our coordinator, has been fantastic from day one, and also very supportive. The whole process was smooth and very quick. We highly recommend anyone that has had trouble conceiving to give Embio clinic a call."

Jenny, Australia

Lucia from Italy has been a regular visitor to emBIO Medical Centre, and her persistence has paid off. Lucia tells her story:

“It is the third time I've been to EMBIO IVF clinic in Athens. I must say, Dr. Paraschos is very kind and humane.

“On my first try I had a twin pregnancy but I miscarried two months later.

“After three months, I tried again and had a beautiful baby, very strong and gentle. I'm back here at EMBIO once more to give a little brother or sister to my baby. Dr. Paraschos is ever so gentle and understanding.”

Lucia, Italy

Hello Maria,
It's been a while.
I had my baby on 27/07/16, a healthy baby boy.
His genotype is AS.
It's been a wonderful period except when I had all day sickness ?.
Thank you very much for everything.
I have attached his picture.
We would surely visit when next we come to Greece or when we come for the next baby.

Warm regards,

Everything is super good almost 23 weeks now he is kicking like crazy very good

I hope all will end well still a little scared but I think I am just being silly

The 20 week scan say all is good with baby growing normal and in seems to be fine health

I will keep you posted can not wait to see my greek warrior

I can not thank you guys enough
We are so HAPPY!!!!!!

Thanks for checking on us and for everything

Love and kisses from ICELAND


child child

My dear Maria,

I don't want to ride many words, because I can't really express in English, what I feel...so pictures say more than thousands words...attached you find the first pictures from B. and L. and two pictures from our first Christmas. It was a long way...but have a look and see, how sweet these both boys are now. I am a very, very glad mum :-).

I say 'thank you very much' to you, Dr. Paraschos and the whole embio-team!!!

With the very best regards.

B.S., Germany

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