Types of Donors

Types of Donors

We have two types of donors: Basic and Extended profile.

All donors used are anonymous due to Greek legislation.

Donors with Extended profile:

These donors are registered by a fictitious name (Eric, Bob, Bond, Cliff, etc.).
Extended Profiles with comprehensive information about donors background, education, family relations, a hand written message, etc. Normally there is a Staff impression - i.e. a short, subjective description from our staff. We do not make any control of the information given in the extended profiles except those given in Basic profile. This information is published as we receive them from the donor.

Donors with Basic profile:

These donors are registered with a number (3456, 8756, 11250, etc.).
Only registered by few characteristics (race, ethnicity, eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, blood type and in most cases education/occupation). No staff impression and no photos. We do not make any control of the education/occupation. Whether to choose a donor with Basic or Extended profile is a very difficult decision. If many data about the donor is important to you, you should choose a donor with extended profile. Single women and lesbians who often have an explicit need to keep information for the children, may have a preference for extended profile donors. However, before you choose please make sure that the clinic accepts treatment with extended profile donors.

If you want to know as little as possible about the donor, you should choose a Basic profile donor. In many cases heterosexual couples prefer a Basic profile donor in order to protect their own interests as a family.

Anonymous donors:

Anonymous donor's identity is kept secret forever.

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