The Age Limit for IVF in Greece is 51

The Age Limit for IVF in Greece is 51

I had egg donation with my partner’s sperm. I’m 50 so egg donation gives a better chance. We’ve been trying for six months. In the end we thought we’d better follow this track because the age limit in Greece is 51. In Holland it’s 46. You can’t get therapy after that. When you’re 46 they don’t really want to do it.

Greece is the only place in Europe where you can do egg donation legally until you are 51. At the Embio clinic people speak brilliant English, both doctors and staff. The clinic is very nice, impressive, well organized. Everything was very neat and tidy.  Our first impression was “wow”.

The only painful thing about the embryo transfer was my bladder, which was full as I needed to go to the toilet. Otherwise, it was very quick.

We did all the tests in Greece at Embio, because to do them in Holland would have been very difficult in the sense that you have to explain why you need an egg donor. The doctors are not very happy about that. So I had to go to Embio three times. First for the blood tests and the scan, the 2nd time for the 2nd scan and we bought all the medicine in Athens as well, cause you need a prescription in Netherlands. And the third time for the sperm collection and the embryo transfer.


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