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Bleeding during Pregnancy

Is it possible to menstruate during pregnancy? If there are other types of bleeding that can go on during pregnancy, how can you tell what it is? Ginny

You can have bleeding during pregnancy. Technically it is not menstruation, which is bleeding due to the drop in estrogen and progesterone that occurs as the ovary stops making these hormones 14 days after ovulation. During early pregnancy, hCG hormone stimulates the ovary that released the egg to continue producing progesterone, which supports the early placenta. As the placenta develops, it too begins to produce progesterone. Since progesterone levels do not drop, you do not have a period.

However, bleeding can occur from such causes as ectopic pregnancy, partial placental separation, implantation and ingrowth of the placental attachments, infections or miscarriage. A series of hCG levels two to three days apart, as well as transvaginal ultrasound evaluations, can help your doctor determine the cause of abnormal early bleeding.

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