Poor egg quality and a kidney transplant didn’t stop me from getting pregnant!

Poor egg quality and a kidney transplant didn’t stop me from getting pregnant!

My story is unbelievable but true and exceptional. Seven years ago I was offered a kidney transplant. My husband and I wanted a baby but it was something unthinkable according to my nephrologist due to the relative risks, ie my health as the mother of the baby, the transplant rejection and the higher risk of premature birth. Support to my efforts was out of the question.

At 42 my egg quality was low, so I inquired if I could go through IVF using donor eggs. That’s when I found out that EMBIO could help me without me having to worry about it, as long as I was monitored by my doctor after the embryo transfer.

My only worry was that I had to combine the anti-rejection drugs and those for IVF, but my body has reacted positively. Dr. Paraschos and his team were able to put me at ease, and offered great support. I started my treatment on 20 September 2013, and a month later I was implanted three embryos, but only one embryo made it at my first attempt.

I experience happiness every day with my family, despite the difficulty I had getting the IVF drugs putting up fights with obgyns and pharmacists in France. At last I am pregnant and expecting my baby in July 2014.

 ("Sorry, Mummy, I couldn't wait that long, so I was born at 32 weeks on 22 May! " )

If I have any advice to give to women with a kidney transplant who feel the need for a child is this: Do not hesitate to contact EMBIO in Greece. Your dream will come true one day. Look at me now, happy and hoping to carry through my pregnancy thanks to EMBIO and without any help from my nephrologist.

Antara, 42 years old

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