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My warmest recommendations for a successful IVF treatment with egg donation

Restrictions regarding egg donation ivf in my country, Sweden, was the reason to get ivf abroad. As a doctor, I would only accept an ivf clinic with the best experience and high success rates, the right credentials and guarantees. After my survey, I chose EmBIO Medical Centre in Athens. Fertility Specialist Dr Thanos Paraschos is very professional and I immediately felt trust, faith and confidence. He directly arranged a contact with the IVF coordinator. From the start and during the whole treatment the IVF coordinator ;has been an excellent organizer; reliable, competent, considerate and always easy to reach. The same nice attitude and kind reception goes for the whole staff.

Already from the start necessary tests were done, I got suitable medication and the egg donor was selected. A few weeks later, the embryo transfer was carried through by Dr Paraschos. The procedure was totally painless and performed in a very gentle and relaxed atmosphere. I hereby hope I can reduce any possible fear for embryo transfer felt by other women. Following tests showed that I was pregnant after this first attempt. The joy reached the highest level as well as the gratitude for the excellent result. I am now 22 weeks pregnant with a little girl.

The clinic offers all following treatment as bloodtests, ultrasound and even the delivery.

The ivf costs are individual and you pay for just what you need. Not a high all-inclusive payment. The clinic is easy to find. Many airlines have frequent flights to Athens and even at a low cost.

Athens is a nice town to visit and offers a lot of very good and well situated hotels.

Do not choose clinics with tempting advertisement offering you to be pregnant during one week of holiday. Invest the money in a serious treatment. I selected EmBIO's donor egg program in Athens and I highly recommend this professional clinic. I only regret that I did not start earlier. Choose this clinic without waiting list and take the chance to very soon expect a baby. If you want security, safety, discretion, professionalism, trust, confidence, successful rates combined with an outstanding treatment, do no hesitate to contact Dr Thanos Paraschos and the IVF coordinators at EmBIO Medical Clinic in Athens.

Anna, 50
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