IVF with a sperm donor

IVF with a sperm donor

I had a semen analysis in France, and there was a problem with my motility and the number of spermatozoa. Nothing was right.

We’ve been trying for seven years. We did 4 IVF with my sperm and it didn’t work.

So we tried IVF in Spain with sperm donation, twice. It worked both times, but there was a miscarriage.

We didn’t know what exactly didn’t work.

So we’re here at Embio in Athens, because I have a good feeling about Athens. We’re staying 10 days in Athens as we wanted to do the IVF and have holidays. We’ll go to Aegina island.

Embio is a modern clinic, and the people are really nice. And it’s very easy to find.

Dr Paraschos is good. At each visit, he takes a few minutes to talk with us. I think it’s important. In France, in a big fertility hospital in Paris, after the 1st visit, you are a number, no doctor comes to see you.

Christof and Livia

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