I preferred Greece to the Czech Republic for Egg Donation

I preferred Greece to the Czech Republic for Egg Donation

I'm 41. I've tried in Italy. I did 3 ICSI with my own eggs and all failed, because the eggs were FEW and not good.

Then we found Embio and Dr. Parashos on the internet. We also searched in the Czech Republic and Spain. My husband preferred the Czech Republic, but I insisted for Embio Medical Center in Athens, because all the explanations given via emails were clear and all references on Dr. Paraschos have inspired me confidence.

And so last year we came to see, to speak, to know everything before we'd do it.

Dr. Paraschos is good, also the IVF clinic itself (Embio) gave us a good impression. I did the amh here , the transvaginal ultrasound, all blood tests and then I took the chance to do a mammogram as well, since I was there.

During the transfer, I was quite relaxed. It went well. Now I have a little ache, because the uterus is a bit reversed Four embryos were transferred. For the egg donation we needed to  be in Athens for 3 days, but it was our choice to stay six days in all, to enjoy a little  bit of Athens. We went to the sea, to the port of Piraeus we saw Thission, everything a tourist would normally see in six days.


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