Payment Options

Payment Options

2008-2018 Donor Egg IVF Success Rates (Pregnancy) at EmBIO


Embryo Transfers

Clinical Pregnancies

Clinical Pregnancy Rate
per Embryo Transfer

2018 708 488 69%
2017 678 435 68%
2016 641 455 68%
2015 628 433 69%
2014 608 395 65%
2013 510 360 70,6%
2012 490 338 69%
2011 503 350 70%
2010 449 291 65%
2009 358 243 68%
2008 309 191 62%

Donor Egg IVF Payment Options

The most important information about donor egg IVF treatment is its extraordinary effectiveness. While rarely an initial preference among couples with infertility, the use of donor egg IVF or donor egg ICSI is a superb second choice. Most importantly, it is one option much more likely to help patients achieve success. In addition to EmBIO Institute’s fee for service plan, financial options at EmBIO Institute allow couples to utilize donor egg IVF services while selecting from one of several payment options. Also, EmBIO Institute is offering new inclusion criteria that will allow many patients, who otherwise would not qualify for inclusion in a donor egg IVF program, to participate.

IVF with Donor Eggs
(British newspaper "Observer")


EmBIO’s donor egg IVF program started treating couples in 1997, and is responsible for hundreds of successful births since that time. Our program prides itself on the large, diverse selection of high-quality donors immediately available to couples, as well as the exceptional standards of care our patients receive during their assisted reproductive treatments. Couples can discuss options with our coordinators as they make their important decisions.

This web page will focus on the programs recent success rates with fresh and frozen embryos, as well as the financial options that are available to our patients.

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Success Rates for Donor Egg IVF

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