Egg Donation without Stress with Dr Paraschos in Greece | emBIO IVF Clinic Greece

Egg Donation without Stress with Dr Paraschos in Greece

Applying for an egg donor at EmBIO Clinic in Greece

I was impressed with the ease by which we applied for an egg donor at Embio clinic in Greece. So far, we’re extremely satisfied with Embio, whereas the treatment we had in Australia has been expensive and very complicated.

About Dr Paraschos

Dr Paraschos was very good, very warm and friendly, professional. He understood where we’ve come from, since this is a very emotional rollercoaster.

IVF Limit

 I’ve been through various fertility treatments in Australia, from assisted reproduction to IVF without results, and my time is running out. I’m in my 40s, I have limited time, and a donor is for me the final option. And it’s a big step because, emotionally, you have to come to terms that it’s not all a part of you, but we’ll have a child, and this will be our child. And I’d love to have a sister or brother for my boy. He’s a delight and joy and was completely natural. Now, I’m praying for a miracle.

The Embio Clinic is for real (Best clinic in the world for egg donation)

We searched sites and places in the world for our egg donation treatment. This a leak of faith from us in Australia, because we researched on the internet and everything we’d done so far had been via email and we didn’t know until we got here and saw Embio Clinic, that everything was legitimate. And now we find that everything is well organized and professional. Whatever the outcome, we’re very happy.

The faith button for us was one little photograph of Robert Winston. In this day and age you don’t know who you’re dealing with is genuine. When you’re dealing with people overseas you have nothing material.  But then our IVF coordinator, was emailing backwards and forwards to us for weeks for my questions and what to do next. In Australia it’s first the money and then getting pregnant. Whereas here at Embio, the human touch comes first. The mentality here is, ‘We want to give you what you want.’

The EmBIO clinic is busy, professional, enthusiastic, which is what I like to see – people who like what they do. I feel their heart is in the right place, we can feel the staff love what they do. There’s a lot of lovely women working at EmBIO.

Yes to Donor Egg IVF, No to Stress!

60% of Australian donor women back out before it comes to the treatment, because in Australia they don’t thank you for doing it. There’s nothing in it for her. The whole legal process is extremely stressful, because of what we’re going though emotionally.

In Australia you have to find your own donor. It’s a very long process. You may go through everything and they may say no at the end.

You’re wearing out your soul to find a donor! Once you’re out of the doctor’s door, you’re on your own. And there’s thousands of women in Australia asking for a donor. It’s like a lottery.

Here at Embio, there is no stress. As soon as we started communicating with the IVF coordinator, we felt that we were in the right place. I really felt I had found a friend.

IVF costs less (when you have your Egg Donation treatment at Embio in Greece)

In Australia the people who want the donor have to pay for her full medical blood tests, blood screening, full psychological screening, and counseling. So the cost of coming to Embio, Greece (flying, hotel and treatment) in many cases is cheaper than an egg donation treatment in Australia.

Time is a luxury the egg recipient can’t afford!

The whole procedure takes from 3 to 6 months in Australia. Remember that all this happens after you have found someone who wants to be an egg donor. You could be looking to a year to 2 years before you find a donor.

In Australia you can’t be a donor unless you’ve completed your own family. It’s not law, but it’s a major recommendation not to give eggs when you’re young and you have many eggs to give. But we are here at this Greek clinic now, since we don’t have the benefit of time because of our age.

What I’m saying to you, if you are in your 40s, is, Please, don’t give up. There is another way. There is hope.

And now for the big news...

We have healthy twins, now about 7 cm long

Woohoo so far so good...
Came for one... got two, yes twins, both now just over 7cm long.
Many thanks to the team at Embio, IVF coordinator and Dr Paraschos.
 Lucy's Husband, October 2014

First Scan in August 2014 and... twins!


Please let Dr Thanos know that we are expecting twins.
I have had my first scan and attached the results.
All looks very good at the moment.
We hope it proceeds just as well.

Finally a big hello to all the fantastic people at work

All our warm Aussie wishes,

Kind Regards

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