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Are My Sperm Dead?

I am 25. For quite some time I have noticed that when I ejaculate the sperm level is low and the sperm appear bound and immobile -- that is, they appear dead. I do experience some sort of orgasm, but the intensity varies, sometimes not experiencing it at all. I have not gone to any expert or specialist, because I am not sure about them in my area (I live in India). What could cause this problem? What are your suggestions for tests and further followups? Vinay

You refer to sperm, but it sounds as though you mean semen -- the fluid that comes out when you ejaculate. Semen is a mixture of seminal plasma (liquid) and sperm cells.

Sperm cells are too small for you to see with the naked eye. There is no way you can make any reasonable determination of sperm quantity, quality or motion without a semen analysis. That is done in a laboratory setting, using a microscope. If you are concerned about your fertility, ask your doctor for a semen analysis.

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