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Fertility Treatments

Embio is a certified IVF clinic in Athens, Greece, with a modern therapeutic approach to any fertility problem.


IVF in Greece

Today, in vitro fertilization in Greece is the most effective fertility treatment we provide. Success rates reach 67% on the first attempt, rising to 84% on the 2nd attempt.


Egg Donation

Egg donation offers the gift of motherhood to thousands of women. IVF with egg donation in Greece offers complete anonymity and no waiting time.


Drug-free IVF

The natural cycle IVF is the fertility treatment during which only one egg is retrieved from the ovary without using any stimulation hormone protocol.


PGD and Gender Selection

Gender Selection in Europe is possible for medical reasons, and it allows for the prevention of genetically transmitted diseases and the determination of the desired selected gender.


Egg Freezing

Egg or embryo freezing for fertility preservation can benefit women who wish to have a child later in life or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.


Intrauterine Insemination

IUI Intrauterine Insemination is a simple procedure with few side effects. This assisted reproduction treatment can help women who cannot achieve pregnancy with natural conception.

Success Rates of fertility treatments at EmBIO IVF Center
Egg Donation 78%
We aim to provide the highest standards of care and service for our patients. Our fee structure is designed to be clear and avoid any hidden extras.
human egg under the microscope
dr thanos paraschos in his office at embio ivf center in greece

Dr Thanos Paraschos

Gynaecologist - Obstetrician
Fertility Specialist
Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
Director of EmBIO IVF Center in Athens, Greece

Perfect Match EmΒΙΟ

For patients who choose egg or sperm donation as part of their assisted reproductive treatment and want their child to resemble them or have specific characteristics such as height, eye and hair color, etc., our fertility center offers you the “Perfect Match EmΒΙΟ"


One healthy baby at a time


The likelihood of twin or triple pregnancy, as well as difficulties from higher-risk pregnancies and births, is significantly reduced by single embryo transfer.


Embio’s reliable egg donors and sperm bank are constantly at your disposal, with no waiting list.


The Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis can double the chances of successful implantation of the embryo and reduce pregnancy loss


A carrier genetic test can determine whether you are at increased risk of passing on inherited disorders to your children.

True Stories


Prevention is the most important part of medicine: Pink Glove Dance!

Online Reviews

woman testimony
Flora Mcdonald
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Embio helped me fulfil my dream of becoming a single mother for the first time. It was a pleasure to deal with the whole team, and I would gladly travel to Athens again if I decide to have a second child. My sincere gratitude goes out to the team of Dr Paraschos!
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woman testimony
Isabelle Green
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As soon as we walked into Embio, we felt safe and welcomed. Their professional guidance and support led to the successful completion of our treatment, always with the utmost clarity and professionalism. Today we have a 7-month-old daughter.
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man from holland testimony
Maick Bijlstra
review stars review stars review stars review stars review stars

When our many attempts to get pregnant in our country (Netherlands) failed, we heard about Embio Center in Greece. I cannot say enough about the quality of care and communication we have received during our online consultation and our visit to the clinic in Athens. Our first embryo transfer has led to pregnancy, and we are looking forward to reaching the end of pregnancy and hugging our baby for the first time.

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woman testimony for ivf at embio
Julia Nadel
review stars review stars review stars review stars review stars
I'm thrilled to share that, after a long battle with infertility, I am currently 28 weeks pregnant. I was anxious and worried when I went to the clinic for the first time. However, the Embio staff made it simple to relax. Each step of the procedure was thoroughly described, and all questions were answered. We are incredibly appreciative of your help and kindness. 
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TrustScore 4.9 | Excellent