Video Presentation of the IVF Unit

Video Presentation of the IVF Unit

EmBIO. Undisputedly one of the biggest units of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and gynecology in Greece, it is located in Halandri, on 77 Ethnikis Antistaseos Street.

With a total surface area of 3.000 m2 and sophisticated technological equipment, this unit is able to provide the whole spectrum of novel therapeutic techniques regarding gynecology, IVF and mammography.

Thanos Parashos (Director of the emBIO Medical Centre): The unit was founded in 1997 and since then it has successfully maintained the privilege, to provide high level services in the assisted reproductive technology (ART) field as well as in gynecology. It has always maintained high levels of responsibility and consequence. Above all, we invest in confidence, and therefore we can look you in the eye.

The medical and scientific personnel of the unit headed by Thanos Parashos are well educated and in combination with the modern technological equipment offers safety, assurance and confidence.

Our IVF Treatments

Dina Katrania (Director of the Embryology Laboratory): Based on our experience which originates from dealing with at least 2.000 cases annually, we are able to completely understand the needs of couples facing infertility problems. It is also important that the ultrasound follow-up can be performed in almost every town in Greece by experienced collaborators via direct electronic transport of the results to us.

In a private centre of 3.000 m2 in total surface, our unit uses the most modern and safe technology, exclusively with regards to health care.

In a hospitable and friendly environment, the people that refer to us feel right from their first visit, that they will find a solution to their problem. Our greatest satisfaction is the smile of those referred to us who go on to continue their lives having conquered their desirable objective.

The comfortable space, in terms of simplicity and luxury create a pleasant atmosphere that completely differs from the aesthetics of a usual clinic. The doctors’ and personnel offices are completely equipped and open to inform the public, from the unit’s obstetricians and embryologists at all the stages of the IVF process.

On the 1st floor of the unit, 5 autonomous examination rooms with the latest generation ultrasonotomographs, allow for automatic data recording and processing in the functional program. The follow-up for the IVF process and gestation is performed step by step, whilst all the data is stored regarding the patient’s medical file.

The blood collection unit which functions on the same floor is also autonomous and completely equipped. The resuscitation process is performed in a special hall near the operation rooms under full cardiopulmonary resuscitation facilities and always under a follow-up by anesthesiologists. As a consequence, each bed possesses its own autonomy including benefits that are separate for each patient. The unit has 4 autonomous modern operation rooms that are supported by correspondent last generation anesthesiology instruments accompanied by the required equipment, according to the most modern international requirements and specifications. The operation rooms are equipped with special headlights as well as beds with the electric ability to incline and change position. All the surgical benches are invested with the special antimicrobial coating Corian, which is an inactive material that does not release toxic substances to the ova and the fetuses. The unit is served in parallel by 2 lifts, one of which is accessible to disabled individuals.

The embryology laboratory: The laboratory has 17 incubation ovens, 2 microfertilization microscopes, 7 analytic microscopes, 4 filamental flow chambers, 3 booths for sperm collection, while it is simultaneously supported by a special mechanism that produces quality sterile air, under A-class Positive pressure. All the benches are also invested with special antimicrobial coating - Corian. It also has osmometers, Ph-meters, centrifuge, precision scales as well as special refrigerators for the maintenance, freezing and storage of the sperm, the frozen ova and the fetuses. The correct laboratory conditions are ensured by a special system of air filtration that minimizes noise and vibrations. It is very important to note that for the right organization and operation of our unit system, a complete coding system of instruments, samples and disposable materials is kept. Information, images and data are gathered and stored in a safe central database, in order to be processed at a later date. All the files are copied to the central database and are recorded on a DVD for safety reasons and always in accordance to medical confidentiality.

The embryology laboratory is equipped with super modern microfertilization microscopes that provide a high definition and resolution image. All the tools, procedures, images and observations are recorded providing a complete in-vitro background of theova and fetuses. The filamental flow booths ensure constant temperature and control of the environmental conditions while even the placement of the microscope on a special anti-vibration table is of special importance, since in this way the ideal conditions for microfertilization are achieved. It is worth noting that our unit’s equipment and software have been designed so that they comply with the existing and suggested functional requirements that are proposed by the relative European directive. Our laboratorial equipment allows for our embryologists to work effectively in a pleasant work environment where the control of the function is easily performed, and the ergonomic equipment constitutes a fundamental concern. The IVF laboratory and the operation rooms are supported by a special mechanism that produces quality sterilized air, under positive pressure.

Our building receives complementary electricity from a generator with its own electric current substation and special electric systems for timely information regarding problems. The electronic storage of the results is supported by our software [00:07:45] and by the most modern computer and statistics’ systems that major units in Europe and America use. It also has a special room for the sterilization and storage of disposable medical material, as well as a special room for medical gas cylinders. In the sterilization chamber, 3 liquid sterilization ovens, a dry sterilization oven and a special liquid for the sterilization of the hysteroscopy and laparoscopy telescopes and tools exist.

The entire building group complies with essential studies and bears the relative equipment anticipated by the legislation for fire safety as well as for the safety from a gas leakage. Fire-extinguishing systems and automatic warning systems can be found on all the floors of our unit and comply with the European guidelines.

Apart from the IVF procedure, our Unit operates also in the breast cancer diagnosis field. On the ground floor of the building, an autonomous breast department with a last generation digital mammography unit, also functions.

The examinations are performed either by high resolution ultrasounds, by low-dose digital mammography or by breast elastography, which is a new ultrasound technique that allows the differentiation of a benign module from suspicious or malignancy lesions by counting its elasticity. The biopsy of small size non-palpable lesions is performed either by surgically localizing the lesion with a wire pointer or by a fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy using a mammotome under the guidance of a mammography unit in order to avoid total anesthesia.

In a specially designed area on the 4th floor of the building the unit’s lecture theatre is located, where the doctors and personnel can discuss patient cases and can be informed about subjects regarding medical developments in the IVF field with the help of a special monitor and under the support by a system of electric image transport. On the same floor meetings and teleconferences with other centres and foreign scientists take place. It is also worth noting that for the convenience of the couples visiting our unit, floors -2 and -3 include 70 parking places.

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