Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy Testimonials

I had many myomas, and I was bleeding for three years. One of the fibroids was 6 cm. My gynecologist told me I had to have an open surgery. Another gynecologist told me “your uterus is big, so the operation will take about three hours. I have to cut the uterus in pieces and take it out like spaghetti.”

I knew I had to do the operation, but I looked on the internet and found out that the myomectomy could be done via laparoscopy. 

So I found Dr Paraschos, and he told me there was no problem. I could have a laparoscopy.

All the Options for my Myomas

Dr Paraschos was very kind. He was explaining everything by email. Unlike the other doctor who only said one sentence, Dr Paraschos explained all my options in detail. He even proposed to reconstruct my uterus, but I decided not to. I was afraid that since I’m 46, the fibroids would grow back. He said that everything would be alright, and I could keep my uterus, but since I didn’t want to have a baby, I preferred a laparoscopic hysterectomy, the relatively easier procedure for me and him both.

However, he said that it would be best for me if he left the ovaries and the cervix. I had over 10 small fibroids, which were visible by MRI not by Ultra Sound, one of them was about 6cm and was causing the biggest problem. So the Doctor removed my uterus, but left the ovaries and the cervix. This was wise, because this way, I have no hormonal changes, and everything feels just like before the operation. The bleeding and the spotting has stopped completely.

My experience with the laparoscopic procedure

The laparoscopy was done through 4 little holes. After the operation I didn’t want to take any pain killers, so the first hours were difficult. Every time I turned to find a new position, I felt as if I had been working out my abs. I used a catheter for the night because I couldn’t move. But every hour that passed, I felt better and better. The next morning I was a different person altogether. The second day I drove back to Patras. Dr Paraschos told me that in 5 days I could swim if I wanted to. Now that three weeks have gone by, I can do any physical effort.

After the operation, I have no bleeding. After three years of anxiety and depression, I could not believe it was over. I’m really happy. I’m a different person now. Everything is like I never had an operation. My hormones are the same. I am very pleased.


I started spotting late October. After one month, I told my gyno, and he tested me twice with an ultrasound (after he made sure this wasn't a hormone problem). The ultrasound showed nothing, but the spotting wouldn't stop. Some days there was none at all, other days some yellow brown discharge. He told me that if it didn't stop completely, he'd test me with hysteroscopy. He said I wouldn't be given general anesthesia, just a light sleep. I said, what the heck? First of all, because spotting was getting on my nerves, and then I needed to know if everything was alright, and yes... work out without seeing those annoying period spots. Next thing I remember is waking up feeling starving. No pain whatsoever. The "perp" was a small uterine polyp. Right across me there was a lady who had just had an embryo transfer, and said it was the first time she felt no pain either at EMBIO with Dr Paraschos, whereas the other 2 transfers she had had before at another fertility clinic had caused intense pain. As for me, I was just told not to drive home, but since I felt OK, I did anyway. Next day I was back to work and nobody knew a thing. Dr Paraschos had told me I would have some blood that would last a few days. Actually, I kept bleeding less and less for 9 days. And now all I have to say is thank God I'm completely spotless no matter how hard I work out. My advice is if you have spotting in between periods, don't be scared. Just talk to your gyno and find out what causes it.

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