I got pregnant with a donor egg

I got pregnant with a donor egg

2008-2018 Donor Egg IVF Success Rates (Pregnancy) at EmBIO


Embryo Transfers

Clinical Pregnancies

Clinical Pregnancy Rate
per Embryo Transfer

2018 708 488 69%
2017 678 435 68%
2016 641 455 68%
2015 628 433 69%
2014 608 395 65%
2013 510 360 70,6%
2012 490 338 69%
2011 503 350 70%
2010 449 291 65%
2009 358 243 68%
2008 309 191 62%

Good Morning,

I hope you are both well and had a great Christmas and New Year.

We are both delighted to send you the attached pictures our beautiful baby girl O. D. - Born on 11/11/15 (38 weeks and 1 day), weighing in at 3 kgs and absolutely perfect! She is doing fantastically well and is now 9 weeks old :-) 

This is just a quick e-mail to say THANKS SO MUCH for everything! From our very first correspondence to when we left Athens, the whole team at Embio have been absolutely great and we cannot thank you enough for providing our miracle baby girl to us! 

A special thank you to S. for always being there for us with any of our numerous questions and being a welcoming friendly face to us when we came to Athens. We have already recommended Embio to a couple of friends who are very interested given our success and miracle baby!


Kindest Regards

B&J and baby

The staff at Embio were being very helpful and informative through the whole process. The doctor was very personable and made us feel comfortable. He was very easy to ask. We never felt anything was a bother. The embryo transfer went according to plan, even though I was very nervous.

We’re very happy with the service. The IVF coordinator was fantastic. She explained the whole process, was very thorough with whatever was going to happen, and was very attentive. The doctor was wonderful, gentle, kind, and explained everything and overall we are happy with the service from the beginning to the end. The whole process was explained, what needed to be done, so we recommend this service to everybody.

The clinic is great. We came for egg donation. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and we’ve been trying for several years unsuccessfully with a number of cycles in Australia. We had to be here for 10 days. Our whole experience was very positive.

I did a lot or research and I read great reviews online about Dr Paraschos and EMBIO. In the States the cost is much more prohibitive. And so those two things played a major factor.

I was told that I have elevated fsh and would be difficult for me to use my own eggs. I tried 2 IUIs, both failed. The first one ne was natural, the second one wasn’t and after the reading that I did, I didn’t believe that IVF using my own eggs was the way to go.

Then I started looking at either embryo donation or egg donation in the States and I saw that the cost was not something that I could consider. And then I started researching what the cost would be if I did it overseas.

In Europe it was also the age. I’m 41. That is a big problem in the States. Clinics are afraid that their statistics would go down, so they don’t like to take on candidates with limited chances of producing a live birth.

Probably I could have done everything from home and go to Embio for the transfer, but I chose to be in Athens for the entire time (a little over 3 weeks), and I’m glad I did.

Dr Paraschos is wonderful. He is very supportive, easy to talk to, has a great bedside manner, explains things very well, and most of all, he is understanding. The staff was wonderful. Maria is so supportive, she’s always available, she clarifies everything, she’s a great person to guide you through this process.


I've been talking to EMBIO for a while because I wanted to know a lot about IVF treatment in Greece and because it's so difficult in the UK with my age (47) to get pregnant. Their IVF coordinator has been very good, she talked me through everything, step by step, and I started the treatement at home. It was very helpful, so I didn't have to waste a lot of money in Athens staying at a hotel, and the treatment went on as soon as I got to Athens. I had donor egg ivf with my partner's sperm. This is my first IVF, and I tried with donor eggs to improve my chances of getting pregnant.

Dr Paraschos and everyone else there is welcoming, is good, they way they talk to you, they relax you. I emailed them like 2 in the morning, bless them.
And then they're always replying me asap. The IVF coordinator helped me to find a hotel to stay, which was very good.

I recommend this to anyone of my age to come and TTC at Embio in Athens.

We had IVF with donor eggs because we've been trying for a long time and I didn't have any good eggs left because of my age. Also I have blocked tubes, so it wasn't coming naturally.

We have tried twice at an IVF clinic on Crete but unsuccessfully both times.

This clinic (Embio) is very professional, helpful, seems very well organised, generally supportive.

Dr Paraschos is good, he seems to know what he's doing, what he's talking about.

Everything has been very smooth, very straight forward.

I've been trying with IVF for 15 years without success, although we did have embryos. So I searched on the internet and found EMBIO in Greece.

At 45 it became difficult to continue in France, so I came in contact with this center and I immediately felt at ease. I started treatment in October and by November I was pregnant.

My pregnancy is smooth and I expect a little boy. This time I did it with egg donation.

As far as we could tell, the center is top-notch and monitoring is perfectly adapted to each individual.

Embio Medical Center is in Athens, you find it on the internet. I'm giving you the IVF coordinator's email: [email protected]. FYI when we were there, there was another French lady my age, and we both got pregnant.

I wish you good luck and above all, never lose hope.

If you're French, you can ask me anything you need to know in forum.aufeminin. I'm fifi19622.

Otherwise, write to Elena. She'll answer you very quickly.

Good news I am having twins, both heart beats are normal!

All the experience was excellent. Correspondence was brilliant. Dr Paraschos was very good, friendly, putting people at ease, because it is a very anxious procedure to go through. Even during the procedure all the staff was brilliant. Very good service.

Now I feel excited and looking forward to the twins. I will recommend Embio to anybondy who can go to Greece.

Hi Elena,

writing to present to you and the doctor my baby boy, Albin, who arrived slightly early in january:)
I'm exhausted but very happy for the little one who is so precious. Thank you all :)
hope you are doing well and maybe one day we will meet again ( if Albin wants a sibling perhaps? ;))

I’ve had 2 miscarriages in the past and I thought to give me a better chance with egg donation. I’m 50 and my periods are starting to be irregular.

I did a lot or research and thought Embio clinic looked more professional and Dr Thanos worked with Professor Winston, and I thought it was all meant to be.

I remembered Dr Paraschos’ face from the TV programmes I had watched when I was younger.

Everything added together. The website was really professional. It had all the information.

I messaged IVF Coordinator and she answered all my questions. I asked the best options for me. Our IVF Coordinator answered back straight away. Communication was really good.

When I was anxious about something, I emailed our IVF Coordinator and she reassured me. She got back in touch and told me everything upfront, very honest about things.

It was actually an easier process than I thought.

I was anxious coming over here, but I was really reassured when I met the Doctor. It was a lot more simple than I thought it would be.

There were no problems with the language because our IVF Coordinator spoke very good English and the Doctor as well. We even asked to take a photograph with the Doctor and our IVF coordinator. We wouldn’t have done that if we hadn’t felt comfortable.

The clinic even changed the dates for us because we were moving house.

(Peter) I had my sperm test in Scotland and I was nervous it took 3 attempts because I was too anxious. And we came here at Embio and I had the choice to do it at the hotel and not at the clinic. I chose the hotel because it felt more comfortable.

We got a taxi which was fine. It was quite easy to get to the clinic. Only 10 euros from the centre of Athens to the clinic.

(Ann) Our IVF Coordinator told us that there were 4 eggs fertilized, but they implanted only three, because one of them was not good.

Today during the embryo transfer, Peter was more nervous than I was.

The embryo transfer was quick. They found a polyp outside the uterus. Now I’ll go to check it up. I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t done the embryo transfer. So it’s good.

All the medication was explained properly.  After contact is going to be good, which is reassuring, as well.

Whatever happens, we’re glad we chose this clinic.

We went to the Acropolis, the Olympic Stadium the Parthenon, Attica Zoo, to Piraeus, we took the ferry across to Salamina…

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