Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

EmBIO IVF is now conducting a research study for women, which involves freezing human eggs for future use. This study is voluntary. You do not have to participate in this study to receive IVF treatment. If you are facing chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer, or want to delay childbearing, egg freezing is one option you can consider. Having eggs frozen for later fertilization can only be done as part of a research study. Egg freezing is currently considering experimental as more information on the outcomes of fertilization and pregnancies are needed before it can be considered standard practice.

Patient with Cancer

The fertility preservation program at EmBIO IVF

Being diagnosed with cancer is tough enough to deal with but if you want to have a child, you may feel an added level of anxiety. But through EmBIO IVF's Fertility Preservation Program, family-building options after cancer treatment are now a reality . The earlier you understand what those options are, the greater the chances of preserving your fertility. Our egg freezing services offer fertility preservation for young women facing chemotherapy or irradiation for treatment of cancer. Because many cancer treatment regimens result in the destruction of an individual's eggs, fertility preservation is essential.

At EmBIO IVF, we understand the emotional impact of being diagnosed with cancer, as well as the added concerns about building a family. We are here to help you understand your options, and will see patients diagnosed with cancer on very short notice. Due to the importance of exploring treatment options early, EmBIO IVF will arrange for an initial consultation immediately.

Fertility Facts for Women

Radiation and chemotherapy can damage eggs.

If appropriate, eggs can be removed from the ovaries before treatment and in vitro fertilization can be performed. The resulting embryos can be frozen for use after treatment.

EmBIO IVF is a pioneer in egg freezing technology and offers this treatment to preserve fertility.

If eggs have been damaged during cancer treatment, egg donation is an excellent option for many women.

The Executive Director of EmBIO IVF's Fertility Preservation Program, specializes in the preservation of fertility for male and female survivors of cancer, as well as those who are undergoing treatment for cancer.

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Fertility Facts for Men

Sperm can be frozen before treatment begins.

In vitro fertilization with an advanced technique to help sperm get into the egg (ICSI, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is a possible option after sperm freezing.

If sperm production has been affected by treatment, sperm donation is another option.

For men who have not cryopreserved sperm, advanced microsurgical techniques may be employed to extract sperm for IVF/ICSI.

Chief Urologist of EmBIO IVF's Fertility Preservation Program specializes in the full range of evaluations and treatment in male reproductive medicine---with an emphasis in fertility preservation for patients with cancer, treatment of severe male factor infertility, treatment of males with clinical hypogonadism (symptoms of low testosterone), advanced microsurgery and sexual dysfunction.

Please contact us at 0030-210-6774104, 0030-6973882674
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