Microfertilization - IMSI

Microfertilization - IMSI

Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm injection into the Ovum (IMSI)

In assisted insemination technology, many factors affect the possibility of fertilizing the ova and the growth of fetuses. The genetic material (DNA) integrity of the spermatozoa is one of the most important factors. The use of IMSI (intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection into the ovum) contributes to minimizing the father’s contribution to IVF's failure. The better spermatozoa are thereby used in the ova's fertilization, using ICSI- microfertilization. According to the international research, the use of IMSI technology demonstrates clear benefits in the achievement of clinical pregnancy (Bartoov et al., 2003, Berkovits et al., 2005, Hazout et al., 2006).

The IMSI method is a method of spermatozoa choice based on high-resolution microscopy, that allows the enlargement (x 6000) of the spermatozoa and consequently the detailed depiction of their head and the evaluation of the «vacuoles» that possibly exist. In this way, the preselection of spermatozoa is performed, before the fertilization using ICSI, and only the best spermatozoa are used.

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