IVF Regulations

IVF Regulations

At Embio IVF, we feel that our patients mist receive the highest quality care available. Therefore, we set quality standards and measure our success. In addition to being a fully accredited center, Embio IVF has the unique distinction of being one of the first fertility provider in Greece to become certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards. During a year-long process initiated in 2005, the entire clinical, laboratory and administrative staff diligently examined every process, procedure, document and record that affects how we provide patient care.

The underlying theory of ISO 9001:2000 is that the higher the quality of an organization, the more satisfied the patients will be. The ISO standard addresses this in two ways.

ISO requires that organizations measure patient satisfaction directly. This is done by means of a survey. As feedback from patients is received, the organization can respond to changes that patients require.

By implementing the ISO standard, the organization becomes more efficient. This efficiency enables the organization to be more responsive to patient demands and expectations.

The ISO 9001:2000 standard provides a set of guidelines to achieve quality that have been successfully utilized by tens of thousands of organizations throughout the world.

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