Infertility Counselling

Infertility Counselling

The Counselling Service is a confidential service for all patients attending the Embio.

Patients are invited to make an appointment to see a counsellor at any stage of their treatment. Those who choose to see a counsellor will be offered the opportunity to explore difficult or stressful issues in a safe and private environment. (The counselling suite is situated within the Embio).

What Is Infertility Counselling?

Counselling is a process by which one person (the counsellor) listens to another (the client) in order to help them clarify for themselves their feelings about what is happening to them.

This process is a proven way of helping people make decisions more quickly and easily, as well as reducing stress and anxiety in general. Counselling is confidential: that is, the details of what is said in the counselling session are not disclosed to anyone else.

However, where the welfare of the child is thought to be at risk, the couple will be advised to discuss the situation with the Unit.

Why have Counselling for your Fertility Treatment?

Infertility and its treatment often cause levels of stress and anxiety that are uncomfortable and distressing.

The diagnosis of a fertility problem may produce a range of difficult feelings and many people find attending clinic appointments stressful.

They may also wonder if they will be able to have the child they wish for so much.

Counselling may benefit those needing time and space to talk about their concerns in a confidential setting. In general, counseling may help people to get through a difficult period in their lives more easily. The counsellor’s role is to be encouraging and supportive.

Counselling gives patients the opportunity to clarify their treatment, discuss treatment options and express any insecurity they may have about the procedures.

Some people are concerned that if they take up counselling the doctors will think that they are ambivalent about wanting treatment, or a baby. They worry that the medical team will then not wish to treat them.

Here at Embio, we believe that having counseling shows that couples are considering their health and well being. This is seen as a positive step for both of them and, in the long term, for any child born as a result of treatment.

Counselling for Donation IVF

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority recommends that all couples undergoing egg and sperm donation receive counselling prior to treatment and this is arranged to coincide with your first consultation.

Most people have concerns about the use of donated genetic material and recognize that there is a need to have time to discuss these concerns with someone objectively. In this case, counselling will cover the implications of having sperm, egg or embryo donation, as well as any concerns about this form of fertility treatment.

Many couples are unable to discuss their infertility or donor- assisted conception with friends and family. Counselling provides an opportunity to discuss ‘’Telling the Child’’ issues in addition to other aspects of bringing up children born as a result of using donor eggs, embryo or sperm.

If you are a donor, you will see the counsellor as a matter of course. Counselling will enable you to discuss any concerns you may have and provide an opportunity for you to acquire a good understanding of the medical process involved.

Time is also taken to explore the legal, ethical, social and psychological implications of donating your eggs.

Miscarriage Support Service

For many women the loss of pregnancy, even in the early weeks, raises feelings of numbness, loss and emptiness. Sharing the experience can be useful. Simply by allowing someone else to listen and not to judge is often a turning point.

The counselling service offers written, telephone or face – to – face information and support.

Time and space is provided to talk to a counsellor about the loss of pregnancy and an opportunity to explore ‘’what next’’? A resource list of useful groups, agencies and organizations is available from the councelling department.

EmBIO's Counsellor will be at your disposal to see you at any stage – before, during or after treatment.

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