Cutting-edge Assisted Reproduction Technologies

Cutting-edge Assisted Reproduction Technologies

EmBIO IVF's new headquarters offers fertility patients a comprehensive treatment approach that combines advanced fertility services with scientifically valid complementary modalities.

The facility features state-of-the-art surgical and medical facilities, private consultation areas, and inviting open spaces.

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Main IVF laboratory

Embryology with Regulatory Compliance

  • All the equipment and software have been designed to comply with all existing and proposed regulatory requirements such as the recently introduced EU directive 2004/23/EC.
  • Compliance reports can be produced automatically in the format required by the local regulatory authority. Ergonomics and workflow improvement.
  • The operating theatre equipment provides a working environment that will assist the embryology staff to work efficiently and effectively in a pleasant environment where all controls are easily at hand and ergonomic design is a primary consideration.
  • The option of remote air-handling module eliminates noise and vibration from the laboratory and ensures a quiet vibration free work environment.
  • Full IT integration for all equipment in all locations with barcode tracking of samples and consumables.

Secure Database for your Embryos

  • All information is collected and centrally stored in a secure database for later analysis. Each embryo is tracked throughout the procedure providing a complete record of images, analysis, scoring and temperature plus media and disposables used at each stage of the procedure from gamete collection to embryo replacement. The process data from the laboratory is stored in such a way that all information on the couple's treatment journal is readily accessible and easy to locate.
  • All records can be copied to the central LIMS system, backed up on DVD and archived to meet regulatory requirements.

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ICSI Micromanipulators (Naraschighe-Nikon)

  • A state of the art digital microscope provides real time images viewed on a high resolution, flat panel monitor instead of through the microscope eye pieces. This, combined with ergonomic placement of all controls, ensures ease of use and maximum operator comfort.
  • All tools, processes, images and observations are recorded providing a complete in-vitro history of oocytes and embryos.
  • Laminar airflow maintains accurate temperature and environmental control, meeting all current regulatory requirements.
  • Microscope completely isolated from work surface and surroundings on a separate anti-vibration platform ensuring optimum conditions for ICSI procedures.

Incubators (17 incubators)

  • The incubators (Heraeus, Cook-mink, Galaxy) continue the level work surface at the same height as the other equipments in order to maximise safety for movement of material to and from the incubator.
  • Dedicated gas and power supply lines are standard with triple gas specification available.
  • Storage space is provided under the incubator for small gas bottles or other items.

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