Sperm Donor Screening

Sperm Donor Screening

The sperm donors are ordinary, physically and mentally healthy men from a broad cross section of society. Most of them are students from institutions of higher education.

Each sperm donor candidate meets rigorous selection criteria and undergoes a thorough examination prior to acceptance. The sperm donors receive a small remuneration, but it is our belief that they are genuine in their desire to help others.

Sperm donors are fully informed of the purpose of being a donor. The donors sign a contract declaring that they do not belong to any risk groups or have had any risky behaviour related to exposure to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Donors renounce all paternal rights and responsibilities. The donors are given explicit assurance of anonymity.

We screen for the following conditions:

HIV 1 and -2CMV*Cystic fibrosis**
HTLV-I and –IIBlood typing (AB0 + Rh)Canavan disease**
Hepatitis B & CChromosome analysisGaucher disease**
ChlamydiaSickle cell disease**Niemann-Pick disease**
SyphilisThalassemia**Fanconi anemia**
GonorrheaTay-Sachs disease** 

* Only UK and USA
** If increased risk of being a carrier

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