Nowadays, with the advancement of legislation in Europe and progress in fertility treatments, same-sex female couples can have their own children through IVF.

We approach all of our treatments with the woman & couple in mind, presenting your best options to you and helping you make an informed decision.

Our Centre

Here at EmBIO Medical Center, we can help lesbian & bisexual women in same-sex relationships to fulfill their lifetime dream of becoming mothers. Women can use IVF with their own eggs, or egg donation, and sperm donation to achieve their goal of having a baby. Our historical success rates are up to 70%.

EmBIO Medical Center, pioneer of fertility across Europe, has an embryology laboratory that meets the highest international standards and provides comprehensive services in the field of assisted reproduction (IVF, ICSI, TESA, MESA, donor eggs and / or sperm, cryopreservation of oocytes, sperm and embryos, etc.).

Fertility Problems

We can also help lesbian couples who need to use IVF to face fertility problems too. We offer IVF treatments with sperm donation and / or oocytes.

We’ll discuss your problems with you in detail, understanding your specific situation and recommending the best treatments to overcome these issues. We have helped thousands of couples, resulting in over 10,000 babies born.

In general, women with medical or genetic indication can benefit from egg donation, provided there are no medical pregnancy-against-indications. Our current age limit is 51 years. The decision to use donor eggs is done in collaboration with our staff and specialized consultants, and we’ll discuss this process in detail with you to ensure it’s right for you.

Your Treatment

Before we begin, we’ll give you a free consultation, considering your personal circumstances and helping you choose the right path for you. This consultation carries no obligation.

We understand the needs of women in same-sex couples, and we want to help you achieve your dream of children. We’re proud of our success rates, cutting-edge equipment and well-trained, caring staff.

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