Gay couple and IVF

Gay couple and IVF

Gay Couple Family Building at EmBIO IVF

For over fifteen years EmBIO IVF has met the reproductive needs of the gay, lesbian and transgender communities with compassionate, patient-cantered care. Our mission is to ensure each patient is comfortable and confident throughout their entire treatment experience.

As a gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgendered individual, you experience the same concerns as those in any other relationship. You wonder what the future holds and whether you will be able to fulfil your wish to have children and accomplish your dreams of building a family.

At times this may all seem quite overwhelming. But in today's age it is easier than ever for both you and your partner to experience a pregnancy and become parents.

We believe that parenthood is a gift EVERYONE should be able to enjoy.

There are many options for these couples looking to become parents and at your initial EmBIO IVF consultation you will have the chance to discuss them with your physician and other members of your personalized fertility team. There, you and your partner will begin to develop a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan. In addition, you'll meet with an experienced Financial Coordinator to learn what aspects of treatment are covered by your insurance provider.

Of course, if you are at the beginning stages of planning, our Patient Coordinator is available Monday through Friday to answer any questions you may have.

You can reach us at 0030-210-6774104, 0030-6973886675 or via e-mail [email protected]

Through donor sperm insemination, donor egg programs and gestational carrier services, EmBIO IVF is proud to assist individuals and couples achieve their dream of building a family.

Family building for lesbian women

The process of building a family begins with an initial consultation (in person or via phone) -- where both you and your partner will have an opportunity to discuss the entire treatment process with Embio IVF physician and other members of your personalized treatment team.

At this consultation your physician will also order a variety of tests be completed before your next scheduled appointment and discuss the following:

  • Donor sperm insemination process (IUI or IVF protocols)

  • Introduction to the sperm donor selection process (you will be supplied a list of sperm banks available and the characteristics possible to choose

  • Mandatory psychological counselling session at EmBIO IVF

  • Consent form overview

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