IVF at 50 - The service and care has left me lost for words and I congratulate them sincerely

IVF at 50 - The service and care has left me lost for words and I congratulate them sincerely

I tried in Australia for three and a half years. I had two failures/transfers.

Whilst I was researching to find another IVF clinic, I realised that Greece is among the world leaders in IVF. They are world leaders and they should be definitely congratulated. They are at the highest level. I can compare Australia and Greece, having been through both experiences. And you can say that Greece are world leaders in IVF.

As I researched I was very impressed with the esteemed Dr Paraschos who has collaborated and worked with Hammersmith University, and his decision to come to Athens and direct EMBIO fertility centre. What was I was impressed with was the professionalism and prompt replies from EMBIO that cemented my decision to come to Greece as soon as possible. Not only did the midwife that I corresponded with and Dr Paraschos showed exceptional professionalism, but they also had a unique empathy with the situation I was in, me and all the women in the world. This is very rare to find in the medical field, to be professional, but feel empathy and have real understanding of what a patient wants and is really going through. And they gave me more than 100% support during the whole process.

Dr Paraschos and IVF Coordinator corresponded asap. Not only did they impress me with their system medically, but they also went out of their way to ensure that my arrival in Greece was going to be an easy process as well, and offered to even help with arriving, accommodation and everything else that you need.

Having arrived at the EMBIO Medical Centre I was equally impressed and reassured with the outstanding advanced medical facilities and technology. The service and care has left me lost for words and I congratulate them sincerely.

I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone anywhere in the world to come to EMBIO and see the great work at first hand and I wish sincerely all the best, because I understand there are many people like me out there. Don’t be scared, and if you have the capabilities, this is definitely worth a try for something sacred that you are all looking for.

I stayed for 11 days in Athens. It s important to stay for at least a week for your body to relax, then go through your transfer, then let your body relax again and get on your flight. It’s a very long flight from Australia (16 hours). If you’re coming from a very distant destination, it’s important to take at least a week for your body to relax and unwind. And you can also experience the unique beauty of Greece.

Mariah, 50 years old, Melbourne

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