Infertility treatment abroad : Patient Stories

Infertility treatment abroad : Patient Stories

I think that by talking about my experience at Embio Clinic, I can be of assistance to those who, like me, want to realize the dream of becoming mothers!!

The choice of a clinic, in my opinion, is never an easy task and once I was well informed, I decided to go to Embio clinic in Athens. They responded to my email very promptly, providing me with all the information I had requested, and with such courtesy, Mr. Paraschos's assistant Eleni, who speaks Italian very well, explained the complete process that we would have to follow...

On November 20th, last year, my partner and I decided to give this experience a try with them and so, left for Athens. It should not go without mentioning that, besides their kindness and courtesy, it was the clinic that requested the least amount of money compared in comparison to other clinics. As I said, on November 20th, we departed and personally met with Eleni and Dr. Paraschos (he also speaks Italian well), two wonderful people!!! I have to thank them since it is to them that I owe I am now going through the ninth week of my pregnancy on my very first attempt!!

I hope my experience can help another woman too and what’s more, I felt I had to recommend them and thank them from the bottom of my heart for everything!

Wally, Italy

Dear Dr. Paraschos,
we are today happy parents of a beautiful baby girl thanks to you and your team. Before coming to your clinic, we went to another IVF center aboard and we tried many times (8 times), without any result. My husband gave up but I didn't want to. Every time I saw pregnant women or women with small children I was so sad, I wanted to be one of them.

We decided not to go to this IVF center any more. I was continues searching in the websites for different IVF centers. I came across your clinic Embio. I checked your website carefully. After so many attempts I was tired, every time got more sad and frustrated when it did not work out. It was very difficult for us to go again to any IVF center and go again through all this process. I went more detailed through your website and read all testimonies. One testimony somehow touched me, so I said to my husband we are going to Athens.

I send mail to you Dr. Paraschos, and got reply immediately. Your reply made me feel good was very positive and I had again hope but this time felt also good. you and Elena your Assistant gave me good feeling and same time trust. When I got pregnant, I could not believe it and the most beautiful moment in my life I would say was, when I heard my babies voice /cry by delivery. It was wonderful and she is a healthy beautiful girl. I wish all women to have this moment.

Now our baby is beside me, she is sleeping while I am writing this mail to you. thank you for your patient with me, thank you for giving us hope and giving us our baby. I hope my message will also give hope to other women who desire to have a baby and come to you. I am very happy for knowing you. We were very comfortable with you, you gave us a feeling we know you since long time. in the other clinic we did not get the same attention, advise and especially the warmth you gave us, understanding our situation and feeling with us made us feel good. this feeling we never had in any other IVF clinic.

Thank you so much for everything. Can't thank you and your team enough.

After many years of attempts in Germany, we visited the fertility centre Embio of Dr. Paraschos in Athens. We knew it already from a former time. Dr. Paraschos gave us prompt and precise advices. The communication always occurred within a narrow time frame and the whole process was organised very well and structured. Elena, our coordinator, is really a talent. She gave us clear instructions and reacted fast to all our questions and uncertainties. Dr. Paraschos and his team is professional and with great expertise in his area.

After the first unsuccessful attempt, Elena encouraged us to try immediately once again, because the success rate would be higher. Although I felt feebly we decided to try again. Approximately 3 weeks later we went back to Embio and I became pregnant at the age of 46 years. We are very happy and thank Dr. Paraschos and his team that our wish has been fulfilled.

Katerina (pregnant in the 4th month)

Katerina, Germany

Through the years that I have been a patient at EmBIO Clinic, specifically since 2013, I have been treated with nothing but kindness, compassion, and respect. Their expertise never ceased to make me feel safe and my husband and I both felt that we were finally in good hands. I had been trying to conceive for a year before finding EmBIO where I succeeded in getting pregnant and am now a mother of two; a gorgeous 3-year-old daughter and an adorable 1-year-old baby boy!

Each and every time I had questions or any concerns, or after having received any test result, I got called back right away or was contacted later on the same day from either my doctor, the nurse or my coordinator and with whom we went through everything together. I felt the doctor was consistent, thorough, honest and clear in explaining my situation and adjusted my treatments accordingly. I was monitored closely, received wonderful care and guidance, along with useful and important tips on how to significantly raise my chances of conception and improve my overall health.

Thank you Dr. Paraschos and team for my successful treatment and for making my dream a reality. I could never be grateful enough for your determination and encouragement and for good reason!!

We are back in Greece and getting ready for one last attempt for a third child! We couldn’t be more excited and happier to have each other, prouder to be the parents of two amazing children, nor more confident and optimistic to have Dr. Paraschos and EmBIO team at our side!

Kelly, Vancouver, Canada

“Hello, my name is Klaudia Giese and I am a dentist. For a long time my husband and I had tried to realize our great dream of having a child in several in vitro fertilization centres, but without success. In Germany, doctors’ capabilities are limited because of the degradation of the medical system. We were really frustrated and we desperately sought a solution abroad. In 2004, Prof. Theodoropoulos advised us to go to Athens, Greece, to Dr. Paraschos’ centre. Finally, in 2006, we decided to go there.

Dr. Paraschos welcomed us, and from the first moment, we felt from the interest that he showed that he understood us. The centre’s very high standards, the cordial and familiar environment, the scientific training of the team and, of course, Dr. Theodoropoulos made us immediately feel that the pregnancy test would be positive; we could not believe it. After so many failed attempts, hopes and distresses, we could feel that we were closer to realizing our dreams. During the pregnancy, I even feared that something could go wrong.

However, Dr. Paraschos who followed me throughout the pregnancy was always close to me, ready to answer my slightest doubts and to calm all my fears. Thank God, everything was fine, there were no complications and our little girl was born perfectly healthy. The feeling of holding your own child in your arms is indescribable. There are no words to describe the absolute happiness that I was feeling then. I would like to advise all couples who have not yet managed to realize their own dream of having a child not to lose hope. I recommend, without any reservations, from a personal and scientific point of view, that they contact Dr. Paraschos’ in vitro fertilization centre in Athens.”

Sharifa from Dharan travelled to emBio Medical Centre in Greece for fertility care because the treatment she desired is not available in Saudi Arabia.

She was accompanied by her husband and they needed to make only one trip lasting 9 days to Athens to complete the treatment, which cost €7,000. The reasons they chose emBIO were:

  1. The high success rates achieved by emBIO

  2. Good reviews they found on the Internet

  3. The highly experienced fertility specialists in Athens

Sharifa remembers the positive experience she and her husband had:

"They allowed me to start the treatment and undergo tests in my home country (supported by my own insurance) and provide them with the results.

"They answered all my questions in a professional way and in short period of time, even on a Saturday night."

Dr Paraschos is brilliant at IVF!

I had IVF with my own eggs at Embio. This is my first try. I Googled IVF clinics in Europe, saw the profiles of all the clinics and then I chose Embio because of Dr Thanos Paraschos profile and also the IVF cost at Embio.

I was told that I could start the treatment at home, but I decided to go and do everything at the clinic. The reason was I got needlophobia and I could not inject myself. So I stayed almost 3 weeks in Athens and did everything there.

During the embryo transfer I did not feel any pain. It was like a smear test.

Dr Paraschos is brilliant! I cannot explain how good he is! Sotiria, the IVF coordinator is the best! Τhey were so nice with me. All the stuff just brilliant! They really take care of you. They respond right away. Dr Paraschos replies to you quickly for anything you want to know.

, UK

This is my third IVF, and the first time at Embio Medical Centre. The previous ones were in Toronto.

I was always told it was the egg quality due to the age factor. I am 42 now.

Being a nephrologist, this is not my area of expertise, but as a physician I was better able to appreciate some things. EMBIO was not the first IVF clinic we looked at. The analysis of data that I already had was the most accurate and realistic.

The response was immediate. Communications with the IVF coordinator were excellent given the time difference, and, in any case, within 24 hours.

One of the reasons we came to EMBIO, Athens was tandem IVF. It is the first time we are doing donor in addition to our own egg.

It was not difficult to decide. When you have two very good cycles in terms of embryos and genetic testing to support that there is something wrong, it becomes a question of whether you want to become a parent or not. Genetic analysis was not in our favour in the previous two cycles.

We chose to be at the clinic from day 1, there was an option to start things from home and come later, but we chose to be in Athens 14 days in all.

, Canada

Jenny travelled to emBIO from Australia for IVF therapy with donor eggs.

Jenny tells her story:

"We’re here for donor egg ivf cause I haven’t got any more eggs. It’s seventeen years we’ve been trying to have a baby in Australia. We found Embio and Dr Paraschos and we are happy with how efficient they were in responding to our needs.

"Embio is a beautiful clinic, very supportive. Dr Paraschos was very kind and gentle and put us at ease. Elena, our coordinator, has been fantastic from day one, and also very supportive. The whole process was smooth and very quick. We highly recommend anyone that has had trouble conceiving to give Embio clinic a call."

Jenny, Australia

Lucia from Italy has been a regular visitor to emBIO Medical Centre, and her persistence has paid off. Lucia tells her story:

“It is the third time I've been to EMBIO IVF clinic in Athens. I must say, Dr. Paraschos is very kind and humane.

“On my first try I had a twin pregnancy but I miscarried two months later.

“After three months, I tried again and had a beautiful baby, very strong and gentle. I'm back here at EMBIO once more to give a little brother or sister to my baby. Dr. Paraschos is ever so gentle and understanding.”

Lucia, Italy

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