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IVF for Gay Men & Male Couples

Gay men who wish to have a family can now turn to an IVF clinic to make their dream come true with the aid of assisted reproduction.

The leaps and bounds in assisted reproductive medicine give single gay men and same-sex male couples, who do not want to be deprived of the joy of fatherhood, the chance, and options to have their own biological child or children.

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Of course, it must be emphasised here that in order for the process to be completed, in addition to the egg donation, a surrogate mother must be found who is prepared to carry the embryo for 9 months.

A woman who carries an embryo or embryos fertilised with donor eggs and a man's sperm, is known as a surrogate mother.

EmBIO IVF Center in Greece has pioneered in this field so that gay couples, or single gay men, can have a child at a low financial cost just as long as there is a surrogate mother available from the couple's environment.

What is the IVF procedure for gay men?

The man or male couple will consult with our Centre’s expert fertility team in order to be fully informed about the process of the treatment.

Then, when the required tests (semen test) have been completed, the right treatment plan will be determined.

If the man's or the couple's sperm is healthy, a suitable egg donor must be found based on your own appearance and personality criteria.

EmBIO has a large number of young, healthy women available to donate their eggs anonymously, hence there is no waiting period to find a suitable donor.

You will also need to find a surrogate mother to carry the child, or your children in the case of a twin or triplet pregnancy. The surrogate mother can come from the relative or social environment of the man or the couple.

As long as the aforementioned is regulated, then the process of in vitro fertilization begins and the joy of fatherhood will be the end result.

The donor's eggs will be fertilized with the man's sperm.

Any fertilized embryos that reach the 3rd or 5th-day stage will be transferred to the surrogate mother's uterus for implantation.

Twelve days later, we will know if pregnancy has occurred. If everything goes as planned, you will have started your own family in nine months.

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