From South Africa to Athens for PGD

From South Africa to Athens for PGD

I spoke to my doctor, and he recommenced Greece for our PGD. He said some Greek fertility doctors are very famous, and they update their knowledge in the latest ivf techniques and fertility treatments. We are trying with my own eggs, so we planned for 12 days, as we didn’t want to risk coming too late. After the egg retrieval we went to the islands. We just had a chance to have a wonderful holiday in between. We didn’t expect that, but it was wonderful!

People are extremely friendly and very helpful. Not only Dr Paraschos and all EMBIO staff (my IVF Coordinator was Maria Rapti, and you can reach her directly at: [email protected]), but anywhere we went, we didn’t meet anyone who didn’t go out of their way to help. People in Greece have a wonderful outlook on life, as do people in South Africa. So it was nice to find a place where you find the same, if not better treatment. We wished we could stay longer, but our little ones waited at home.

I feel elated because we got what we came for.

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