Becoming a Donor

Becoming a Donor

How to Become an Egg Donor

Thank you for your interest in our egg donor program. The EmBIO Institute is constantly seeking healthy women between the ages of 19 and 32 to become anonymous donors to help infertile couples create a family. Compensation is offered. If you are accepted into the egg donor program, you will be providing a tremendous service to many of our patients.

Successful donor candidates should have the following attributes:

  • Between ages 19 and 32
  • College educated, in particular with degrees or pursuing degrees
  • Various ethnic backgrounds
  • Body mass index must not exceed 27%
  • Good family health history
  • High level of responsibility to meet the time requirements of the program
  • Interest in the arts, sciences or athletics
  • Willingness to complete 3 donation cycles

If you feel you meet the above requirements, please fill in the contact form. Please call if you need additional information at +30-6973882675, or send us an E-mail to [email protected] If you are eligible for participation, you will be contacted to fill out our Medical and Personal Profile Questionnaires online. You will have two weeks to complete and submit this information and if you are further eligible, you will be contacted to schedule an interview and complete preliminary medical screening. Selected donors have completed the following:

  • A physical exam, including a pelvic exam and cervical cultures for sexually transmitted diseases
  • The most comprehensive infectious disease testing for HIV and HTLV
  • Hepatitis screening and other general blood work
  • Genetic screening including a chromosome karyotype and DNA testing for Cystic Fibrosis and Fragile X
  • A separate psychological screening, including a psychological health history and an evaluation of your comfort level with the donor egg program

Once you have completed the preliminary medical screening you will be activated as a donor. When a patient of EmBIO selects you as their donor and you have completed the screening process, you will start your donor cycle. You will attend a class taught by the donor egg program staff to learn how to prepare and administer your medications. All medications are given by injection. You may either administer the medications to yourself, or you may elect someone who would be willing to give you daily injections. A cycle takes approximately 4 weeks, which includes a short visit to the Institute between 7:00am and 9:00am on approximately 7-10 mornings during a two week period. These visits include taking a blood sample and vaginal sonogram to assess your progress. The egg retrieval is done trans-vaginally, using intravenous conscious sedation.

Your anonymity in this Donor Egg IVF program is very important to us. You will be identified to egg recipients by the following information: blood type, ethnic background of your mother and father, height, weight, body build, eye colour, hair colour and texture, years of education, occupation, and special interests and family medical history. Your identity will not be disclosed to any infertility patients.

To inquire about being an egg donor and participating in EmBIO's donor egg programme

Please contact EmBIO at +30-210-6774104, fax +30-210-6774037, or by e-mail at [email protected]

2008-2018 Donor Egg IVF Success Rates (Pregnancy) at EmBIO


Embryo Transfers

Clinical Pregnancies

Clinical Pregnancy Rate
per Embryo Transfer

2018 708 488 69%
2017 678 435 68%
2016 641 455 68%
2015 628 433 69%
2014 608 395 65%
2013 510 360 70,6%
2012 490 338 69%
2011 503 350 70%
2010 449 291 65%
2009 358 243 68%
2008 309 191 62%

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