Dr Paraschos is brilliant at IVF!

Dr Paraschos is brilliant at IVF!

I’m 45 and had IVF with my own eggs at Embio. This is my first try. I googled ivf clinics in Europe, saw the profiles of all the clinics and then I chose Embio because of Dr Thanos Paraschos’ profile and also the ivf cost at Embio.

I was told that I could start the treatment at home, but I decided to go and do everything at the clinic. The reason was I got needlophobia and I couldn’t inject myself. So I stayed almost 3 weeks in Athens and did everything there.

During the embryo transfer I didn’t feel any pain. It was like a smear test.

Dr Paraschos is brilliant! I can’t explain how good he is!  The IVF coordinator, she is the best! And Maria… they were so nice with me. All the stuff just brilliant! They really take care of you. They respond right away. Dr Paraschos replies to you quickly for anything you want to know.


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