An Anonymous Egg Donor tested for Genetic Diseases

An Anonymous Egg Donor tested for Genetic Diseases

I’m 44. We’ve been trying for 3-4 years to have a child.  Four times I’ve tried with IVF at home. But even with IVF, I only created one embryo each time. It never worked with me for more embryos. So three times they cancelled the cycles. Finally we got one fertilized egg, and that wasn’t successful.

An Anonymous Egg Donor in Greece

One of the doctors there recommended I come to Greece for a donor. In Australia the egg donor is not private, there is no confidentiality. The biological mother’s got the right to be part of the life of the conceived child. There was an instance once when the biological mother said “I want my child back.”

That’s not so with donor sperm.

My sister came to Embio and she’s pregnant!

We came to Embio in Athens for an egg donation treatment. My sister came here and she’s pregnant with triplets. She’s fine. They’re growing very well, too.

Apart from close family, I don’t want to say too much, because people judge you. I just believe you keep certain things private.

An Egg Donor free of Thalassemia

We didn’t want the donor to be a carrier of Thalassemia. Maybe this was why it wasn’t working.

Embio Medical Center is a modern IVF clinic

The clinic is nice, very modern, the staff very nice

The staff is very friendly. I was supposed to be here 4 weeks, for the timing with the egg donor. It took a bit longer than my sister, maybe because I still have my own eggs. I started the treatment in Sydney and today was the transfer. It felt like a Pap smear.

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