30% discount for IVF

30% discount for IVF


We celebrate motherhood, and embrace the family!

EmBIO Medical Center celebrates motherhood and life and embraces the family by offering an unprecedented gift:

a 30% discount on all IVF treatments

It is a fact that pictures of happy and perfect babies that tend to flood the web and social media, can cause anxiety and adversely affect the psychology of women that are trying to conceive.

In human biology, we notice a sharp decline in female fertility after the ages of 37. Unfortunately, for more and more women, their most fertile years coincide with the period of time when they begin their careers or look for the right partner. However, the field of gynecology has got good news regarding treatment of infertility in the future and it seems brighter than ever. In recent years, advances in medicine have provided women with hope and solutions when only a few decades ago, there were none.

Methods such as ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), pre-implantation diagnosis, IVF and egg freezing, all provide alternative means and solutions for women to conceive. These methods, like those applied in the field of IVF, are most effective in the cases where the women they are targeting are well informed in infertility issues in order to make the right choices, seek timely advice and consider the best solutions based on the options available. 

Our Medical Center holds one of the highest success rates in IVF in Europe. At EmBIO, we believe with certainty that every problem can be solved, and are eager to provide the most valuable gift a woman could ever wish for: the chance of becoming a mother, to fulfill and live through the amazing experience of holding her own baby in her arms.

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